Argus is the leading independent provider of market intelligence to the global energy and commodity markets. We offer essential price assessments, news, analytics and forecasting, consulting services, data science tools and industry conferences to illuminate complex and opaque commodity markets.

For over 50 years, clients have benefited from the precise market intelligence delivered by our experts working collaboratively across the global commodity markets. We provide you with independent and unbiased insights, giving you the confidence to make critical business decisions.

Market news & commentary

The market news and commentary we publish reveal vital insights that enable you to make more robust, well-informed decisions.

Our world-class team of market reporters and journalists specialise in the coverage of commodity markets across the globe.

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Consulting projects

Through custom consulting projects we deliver independent advice to help you unearth the unique insights needed.

Our consulting team, most of whom have many years of experience in the energy and commodity industries, combine our extensive market fundamentals and pricing information, with deep market knowledge helping you to make strategic decisions with confidence.

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We deliver a wide range of services, including daily price reports, business intelligence services, forward curves, near-term outlooks and long-term analytics, using trusted and transparent market-appropriate methodologies.

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