Inside Fertilizer Analytics: Phosphates, Mar. 2022

Автор Argus

The phosphate market has had to contend with the impact of the Russia-Ukraine conflict and ongoing Chinese export restrictions. Meanwhile, there is growing interest in lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries and the opportunities this presents to phosphate rock and phosphoric acid producers.

New DAP Indian capacity and new phosphate rock projects will also impact the market. Claira Lloyd, Phosphate and Phosphate Rock Research Manager and Tim Evans, Phosphate Analyst join Tim Cheyne, VP Fertilizer, to discuss and assess these developments and the market outlook.

Key topics covered by the podcast:

  • The Ukraine crisis and its direct impact on the phosphate rock market (following a special focus published in the latest issue of Phosphate Rock Analytics) and what the evolving situation could mean for the processed phosphate market
  • The on-going Chinese export restrictions and what the evolution of the restrictions since October mean for the current market and beyond
  • Growing interest in lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries and potential opportunities for phosphate rock and phosphoric acid producers
  • New projects which have the potential to disrupt the phosphate rock market, with exports to commence from the US
  • How new DAP capacity in India is going to impact the market in the medium term, particularly pricing

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