Our analytics and forecasting capabilities are built on Argus’ key strengths – commodity prices, a global network of market experts, trusted proprietary data and rigorous methodologies.

Through fundamentals data, analytical tools and data visualisation, forward-looking price outlooks and strategy reports, we bring the future into focus to help you realise your opportunities.

Whether you are defining your strategy, evaluating infrastructure and logistics options or making investment decisions, with the support of our experts you can be confident in getting closer to the markets that matter most to you.

Key capabilities

Price forecasting

Short, medium or long-term, our price forecasts cover key commodity groups and are based on robust models and methodologies.

Price analysis

We provide expert analysis of price differentials, crack spreads, margins, cost curves and futures markets.

Market fundamentals

Insights, analysis and forecasts of supply, demand, capacity and trade help you to navigate a constantly evolving operating environment.

Regional analysis

We analyse the global market, through a local lens, to provide views and insights on key commodity markets at the country and regional level.

Regulations and legislation

We track and interpret the implications of current and future regulatory and legislative developments.

Trade flows

Understanding existing key commodity trade flows at a regional and country level and how they may change in the future allows you to better understand emerging risks and opportunities.

Forward-looking research

Near-term outlooks
Using Argus’ proprietary databases covering market fundamentals, historical prices and other relevant data points, our Research Analysts and Consultants produces a series of near-term price forecasts for essential energy and commodity markets around the globe.

Published monthly, these outlooks typically include a price forecasts for the coming 12-24 months and forward looking analysis of global supply, demand and trade developments.

Long-term analysis
We track and analyse long-term market developments for key energy and commodities markets, which typically include supply, demand, trade, and pricing for key commodities groups. Produced by experienced analysts and industry recognised thought leaders, our long-term analysis has quarterly and annual reports, sophisticated modelling tools and access to underlying data.

We spotlight the economic, environmental and geopolitical variables impacting future market and price developments to support your planning and investment decisions.

Argus data science services

If you are involved in building commodity trading or hedging strategies, then understanding the direction of prices is crucial to your success.

Through the Argus Data Science Studio you can access daily forward curves and probabilistic forecasting data to manage your price risk exposure and to inform trading and hedging decisions.

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Consulting projects

Data alone – no matter how detailed and accurate – is not sufficient. Our strengths lie with our people – a team that combines extensive experience in strategic consulting with commodity market expertise.

Our people are experts, close to the market and working collaboratively with clients. Dedicated and committed to your needs, we pride ourselves on being accessible, responsive and connected to the markets.

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