Argus data and insight can be accessed in many ways. We aim to deliver the information you need, in the format you want. Our platforms, tools and services will empower your business decision making.

We also deliver our price assessments, news, market commentary, bulletin boards and fundamentals data through a network of carefully selected third-party channel partners.

Argus Spot Ticker

The Argus Spot Ticker keeps you on top of every market move in the U.S. spot market with real-time intraday pricing for gasoline, diesel, ethanol, and RINs.

In a matter of minutes, markets can shift direction drastically. Watch the market as it moves with the Argus Spot Ticker to stay ahead of your competitors.

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Argus Data Science Studio

Argus Direct® brings to life the data, news and analysis we publish, ensuring you have the latest insights at your fingertips.

The Argus Data Science Studio is a powerful modelling tool designed to support your analytics, trading, hedging and risk management decisions. Using the latest machine learning technology for probabilistic forecasting and location-based trading data, the studio integrates physical and financial commodity prices.

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Consulting projects

Consulting projects

Through custom consulting projects, we deliver independent advice to help you unearth the unique insights you need.

Our consulting team, most of whom have many years of experience in the energy and commodity industries, combine our extensive market fundamentals and pricing information, with deep market knowledge—helping you to make strategic decisions with confidence.

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Argus conferences are researched extensively, based on input and feedback from contacts in the energy and commodities industries, and are always evolving to best meet your needs.

This means our events are thorough, thoughtful and deliver a comprehensive overview and understanding of the forces driving commodity markets.

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