Argus Global Steam Cracker Economics

Argus Global Steam Cracker Economics is a global monthly report and associated dataset. The service outlines cost and margin advantages of various feedstocks being cracked into ethylene by region, including a three-month forecast.

The availability of low-cost chemical feedstock in the US and the increase of steam cracker feed slate flexibility in Europe and elsewhere has resulted in a more globalised marketplace. The result is a more complex supply chain, with the need for important decisions to be made at each point. Argus offers a comprehensive global view in a single service – Argus Global Steam Cracker Economics.

Helping you to better understand market dynamics

  • Access to high-quality reference data for use in chemical purchase or sales contract formulas linked to cracker production economics
  • Quickly assess the cost competitiveness of chemical producers and feedstock sellers between regions
  • Understand cost and margin decisions being made at the steam cracker level and implications for derivative chemical products and co-products production
  • Anticipate how LPG and naphtha demand changes could affect feedstock purchases and chemical supply availability in the quarter ahead

Customers that benefit

  • Ethylene consumers – better manage and predict costs and margins for the next quarter
  • Chemical producers – gain stronger negotiation leverage for feedstock purchases and gain perspective on global positions
  • Integrated refiners – have a clearer view on cash and margin behaviour for the market and co-product implications
  • LPG/NGL marketers – better anticipate implied volumes and have a view of opportunities presenting in the quarter ahead

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