Argus Polypropylene Outlook

The Argus Polypropylene Outlook service gives you a strategic view of the industry, including regional dynamics and feedstock insights, in a single report.

It provides a 24-month rolling price forecast and forward-looking analysis of global polypropylene supply and demand, trade flows and market dynamics. Each month you will receive a PDF report with high-impact visuals delivered straight to your inbox and an excel file of extractable data available on the Argus Direct platform.

Key benefits

  • Make better decisions with strategic insight into short and medium-term developments, trusted price forecast data and market insights
  • Identify arbitrage and trade opportunities throughout the forecast period with regional and inter-regional analyses, independent price data and expert market insight
  • Mitigate risk to your business with information on potential regulation and policy changes, and supply / demand outlooks 

Key features

  • 24-month rolling price forecast and forward-looking analysis of global polypropylene supply and demand, price spreads and market drivers for each region
  • 5-year forecast issued annually
  • Analysis of energy assumptions, feedstocks and production economics plus updates on supply disruptions and capacity additions
  • Regional commentaries, including trade flows and import/export data, freight and supply chain insights
  • Review of key market sensitivities and bull/bear risks that could affect price forecasts
  • ”What’s changed” summary highlighting major developments affecting forecast updates
  • High-impact visuals and clear executive summary overviews
  • Analyst access
  • Downloadable datasets

Global markets covered 

  • Propylene 
  • Polypropylene
  • Crude 
  • Natural gas/NGLs
  • Naphtha

Customers that benefit

Sales and marketing, procurement, and strategic planners in:

  • PE/PP producers 
  • Converters
  • Brand owners 
  • Other end use markets eg appliances, automotive
  • Traders and distributors
  • Feedstock suppliers
  • Financial institutions
  • Packaging warehouses

Argus’ in-depth data and insight are delivered by experts across the value chain, from wellhead to warehouse, located in 26 offices in the world’s principal commodity trading and production centres.

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