Our Partner Companies

Our Partner Companies

Channel Partners

Argus works with a range of carefully selected channel partners to ensure that our customers can access their Argus data, news and insights within platforms that they already use. Below you can find out about our current channel partners and how we work with them.

  • Bloomberg

    Gain access to our diverse range of products via Bloomberg Terminal - an indispensable tool for the financial and news sectors.
  • DTN

    DTN provides the trading market access to Argus data, news and products through the platform.
  • Enverus Trading & Risk

    Navigate the future with Enverus technologies, providing prescriptive and predictive analytics. Delivering Argus data across the upstream, midstream, and downstream sectors.
  • FIS

    FIS MarketMap provides access to Argus products for quick and easy use of existing subscriptions.
  • ICE

    ICE Data Services provide essential financial technology and data services for multiple asset classes, along with workflow tools that increase transparency and operational efficiency.
  • Jet Fuel Tenders

    Argus prices for Aviation Fuels within the tendering process can easily be accessed through the Jet Fuel Tenders platform.
  • Morningstar Commodity Data

    The energy, commodities and financial markets can effortlessly analyse and access exclusive market data alongside Argus products with Morningstar.
  • MundoPetróleo

    MundoPetróleo offers essential Argus data to service stations, distributors, and other professionals in the oil sector to support their daily work.
  • The Oil Market Journal (OMJ)

    OMJ is a trusted source of real-time pricing information for oil distributors and service station operators in the UK and Ireland.
  • LSEG

    LSEG provides users access to a vast range of Argus data, analysis, insights, and news, enabling them to combine it with other crucial information.
  • Ventriks

    Get Argus data easily through Ventriks, a cloud-native platform that empowers customers to quickly obtain and utilize actionable information.
  • ZE Power

    Clients who collaborate with us can easily access rapid insights and pricing information from Argus using the ZEMA suite, created by ZE Power.

Why use a Channel Partner?

  • Quick deployment of data

    With our channel partners we work hard to ensure that any data is quickly added to their platforms and can add to your subscription easily.
  • Ability to enhance data

    Our channel partners offer you the ability to combine Argus Data with other key industry data driving greater and more accurate insights to help you.
  • Seamlessly access the data

    We work closely with each of our channel partners to ensure that you have full access to your Argus data quickly and easily without any additional effort.

Become a Channel Partner

We are always open to finding new channel partnerships, if you are interested in finding out more about what a partnership with Argus looks like and starting the discussion with our team to become a channel provider.

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