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Conferência Argus Rio Crude

Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Maio 2025
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Personalizando a combinação certa para as suas necessidades comerciais

A Conferência Argus Rio Crude oferece uma plataforma inigualável para alavancar a sua marca. Este evento é o lugar onde centenas de tomadores de decisões se encontram para trocar ideias, fazer negócios e planejar o ano vindouro.

2024 Patrocinador Platinum:


Shell Brasil

In the country for 111 years, Shell is an integrated energy company with participation in Upstream, Trading, Natural Gas market, Research and Development projects, and renewable energy development, with a trading capabilities in energy market and nature-based solutions products, lead by Shell Energy Brasil. The company is working to meet the growing demand for energy in an economically, environmentally and socially responsible way, evaluating trends and scenarios to meet the challenge of the future of energy.



Our commitment is the energy that makes us go further
We are a publicly traded corporation operating in an integrated and specialized manner in the oil, natural gas, and energy industry. We have expertise in exploration and production as a result of decades of development in the Brazilian basins, especially in deep and ultra-deep waters. This has made us a world leader in the segment.
Our business goes beyond field reach and oil and gas withdrawal. This entails a long process by which we transport oil and gas to our refineries and natural gas treatment units. Therefore, those units must be equipped and constantly evolving to provide the best products. We have as priority to operate at low costs and with a low carbon footprint, which contributes to our commitment to a sustainable development for a society in transition.

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PRIO is the largest independent oil and gas production company in Brazil. Focused on investment and recovery of producing assets, PRIO specializes in efficient reservoir management and redevelopment of mature fields.

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Ocean Point Terminals

OPT Ocean Point Terminals

Ocean Point Terminals is a world-class energy logistics hub, strategically located in the Caribbean on the island of St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands, with the capacity to store 34-million-barrel crude and petroleum products. The facility consists of 167 tanks and deep-water access to 11 docks including an offshore Single Point Mooring Buoy (SPM) capable of loading and discharging vessels up to VLCC size.

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2024 Patrocinador Ouro:

Intertek Caleb Brett

Intertek Caleb Brett

Intertek Caleb Brett, founded in 1885 by Mr Caleb Brett in England, has been inspecting and testing customers' cargoes and goods for over 130 years, including crude oil, fuels, grains, fertilisers and many other products.
Our employees support clients in ensuring Total Quality Assurance for the worldwide commercialisation of commodities, from transport, storage and distribution, with Inspection, Testing and Certification services around the world through its more than 46,000 employees, distributed in more than 110 countries and operating at all stages, including the production and refining of oil and petrochemicals, among others. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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2024 Patrocinadors Prata:



Kpler is a data intelligence company that specializes in providing transparency within commodity markets using advanced data collection and analysis techniques. They offer real-time cargo tracking for seaborne imports and exports across 40+ commodities, along with onshore monitoring for crude oil and LNG inventories. Kpler also provides research such as price forecasting, and modeled data products, such as supply & demand models. Kpler's services are utilized by traders, analysts, and other stakeholders in the commodity and energy industry to make informed decisions, understand the factors behind market dynamics, and gain a competitive edge by accessing detailed and up-to-date information on supply and demand trends.

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Vast Infraestrutura S.A.

Vast Infraestrutura is a company dedicated to offering infrastructure and logistics solutions to handle liquids safely, efficiently, cleanly, and sustainably to Brazil’s energy market, always focusing on the energy transition.
With a solid experience in safe and low carbon oil transshipment operations, the company also aims to be a hub for handling and storing liquid fuels of the present and the future, becoming a reference in Sustainability.
We are controlled by Prumo, which is controlled since 2013 by the American fund EIG Global Energy Partners, and responsible for the development of the Porto do Açu Complex, one of the largest port-industrial complexes in the world.

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Oportunidades de Patrocínio e Exposição

Argus pode personalizar o pacote mais adequado para atender aos seus objetivos comerciais. Uma ampla variedade de pacotes para patrocinadores e expositores estão disponíveis para adequar-se ao seu orçamento e oferecer o retorno sobre o investimento mais alto de todas as conferências do setor.

Os patrocinadores deste evento altamente específico recebem os seguintes benefícios

  • Posicionamento de marca - Seja o primeiro a ser lembrado por seus clientes potenciais - Publicidade direcionada para o nosso banco de dados de participantes sêniores do mercado
  • A oportunidade de estabelecer relacionamentos comerciais de qualidade com novos clientes
  • Alcançar seus objetivos de marketing com pacotes personalizados
  • ROI significativo
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