The Argus FAME 0 (fatty acid methyl ester 0°C) price assessment is a key benchmark for European biodiesel markets. The primary basis for the FAME 0 price assessment is fob ARA range.

Like other biodiesels, FAME 0 has been widely adopted by the road sector to help achieve their renewable energy targets.

Price assessment details

What are the advantages of the Argus FAME Ø biodiesel price assessment?

The Argus FAME 0 biodiesel price assessment benefits from a market-appropriate methodology that ensures transparency and reliability, delivering a price assessment series relied on as the benchmark price assessment for FAME 0 in northwest Europe. The price assessment is the most referenced biodiesel price assessment in the region.

Argus FAME Ø biodiesel on Argus Open Markets ®(AOM ®) 

For enhanced visibility into this market, Argus FAME Ø biodiesel is available on AOM, providing a platform for companies to place bids and offers and to initiate trades, and allowing you to see the market as it develops in real-time.

How is this assessment used?

The Argus FAME 0 biodiesel price assessment is widely used in supply term agreements, swaps and futures trade, and transfer pricing. Users include refiners, suppliers, logistics providers and terminal operators among many others.

Key price assessments

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