Argus view of the potash market in volatile times

Автор Argus

Tune into our latest fertilizer podcast, this time focusing on how the global potash market has responded to Covid-19 with a spotlight on the Americas, China and India.

Join Ewan Thomson, Editor - Potash and Hasan Tarique, Senior Consultant - Fertilizers as they discuss the global state of the potash market, including the medium and long-term outlook in the wake of Covid-19. Key topics discussed include:

  • China contract impact
  • Covid-19 impact
  • Agriculture fundamentals - Brazil, China US and India
  • Supply curtailments and project delays
  • Price impact and implications
  • Long-term fundamentals driving demand growth

Download supplementary MOP price trend summary

We’ve also put together a concise MOP price trend summary including an insightful set of charts. This easily digestible download includes:

  • Price trend summary: Macro, China, India, N. America, S.E Asia, W. Europe, Russia and CIS, Brazil
  • GDP growth 2019
  • GDP forecast 2020

    Click here to download


Argus publish potash services delivering price reporting, short-term and mid to long-term outlooks


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