From the Economist's Chair blog and podcast series

From the Economist's Chair blog and podcast series

Latest installments of From the Economist's Chair, featuring David Fyfe

22 июня 2022

From the Economist's Chair: Western tightening meet eastern stimulus

Chinese lockdowns and commodity price hikes due to conflict in Ukraine have raised Atlantic Basin inflation to forty-year highs, forcing central banks to respond with rate rises they hope will not trigger recession. This contrasts sharply with more accommodative fiscal ...


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19 мая 2022

From the Economist's Chair: Is an oil embargo on Russia really the smartest move?

The EU is struggling to get everyone onboard for an outright embargo on oil imports from Russia, but could follow a more flexible, market-driven route.


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09 мая 2022

From the Economist’s Chair: Moving towards an inflection point?

Commodity markets remain in shock over the supply implications of war in Ukraine, but financial and economic headwinds could ultimately take centre stage.


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13 апреля 2022

From the Economist's Chair: Russia-Ukraine conflict extends global commodity bull run

The Russia-Ukraine crisis is above all a humanitarian tragedy but has also augmented commodity price inflation as the world comes to terms with actual and threatened supply disruptions. Markets, as always, will adjust via shifts in pricing and arbitrage. However, focus ...


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28 февраля 2022

From the Economist's Chair: Ukraine crisis to weigh on 2022 recovery

The outbreak of conflict in Ukraine last week saw a short-lived surge in commodity prices, extensive sanctions imposed on Russia, and a flight towards safe havens. Although commodity markets eased on Friday (“buy the rumour, sell the fact”), and energy exports are prese...


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11 января 2022

From the Economist's Chair: USD strength may temper 2022’s more bullish outlooks

Early-year bullish oil and commodity sentiment has been boosted by limited new restrictions due to Omicron and by supply-side tightness. Ongoing demand recovery seems assured for 2022, although a strong USD could place a cap over demand in key developing economies.


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