The marine fuel sector is decarbonising. International Maritime Organization (IMO) requirements and EU legislation is driving this change alongside consumer demand for low carbon solutions. 

These drivers have prompted shipowners to invest in alternative marine fuels including; marine biodiesel, bio-methanol, grey methanol, LNG, ammonia and hydrogen.

Argus provides pricing, insights, and intelligence for the fast-growing alternative marine fuels market with independent news, analysis, and market commentary on emerging changes and trends so you can stay ahead.

Argus Market Highlights: Marine Fuels

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Latest alternative marine fuels news

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Alternative fuels vessels and supplier list

Argus lists vessels that are burning alternative marine fuels, including methanol, biofuels, ammonia, hydrogen, LNG, LPG, as well as those running on batteries. The database is updated every month.

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Argus’ scrubber database is the only database to provide granular vessels details such as vessel name, owner, IMO number, deadweight, etc.

The database is updated every month. It contains over 4,300 records and counting.

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With deep expertise in the markets for future marine fuels, Argus can provide detailed insight for the marine industry as it transitions towards decarbonisation. Here are some of our related services: