SAF Insights podcast series

SAF Insights podcast series

The SAF Insights podcast series aims to deliver data driven insights and commentary from leading experts in the sustainable aviation fuel industry. This series will provide an overview of the SAF market including supply and demand issues, global mandates and incentives, pricing mechanisms, and carbon offset programs. In addition will discuss key factors of the evolving renewable fuel and feedstock markets and what is the future of sustainable aviation fuel.

Argus podcast episodes are available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or Stitcher, and the Argus Blog.

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Latest episodes of SAF Insights

09 июня 2022

SAF Insights: US Market Developments

The usage of SAF and capacity continues to grow in the US with more projects coming online in 2022 and beyond, and pipelines like Colonial approving the use of a blended SAF to be supplied to airlines the same way as conventional jet.


English Нефтепродукты North America

27 мая 2022

SAF Insights: SAF developments in Latin America

Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) market update, including production, changes in legislation and financial incentives across Latin America.


English Latin America and Caribbean Транспортировка Энергопереход

25 апреля 2022

SAF Insights: Challenges and Opportunities for SAF producers

With the growing demand for sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), is there enough feedstock to cover the market? What geographic areas represent new opportunities?


Africa Europe FSU Global Latin America and Caribbean Middle East Энергопереход North America Транспортировка English

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