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Новости и аналитические материалы


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15 сентября 2021

The Crude Report: ANS flows across the other, bigger pond

Alaskan North Slope (ANS) crude cargoes continue to be exported to the Asia-Pacific. So far in 2021, at least eight cargoes have been loaded, including one that discharged in Japan, which was the country’s first import of ANS in nearly five years.


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14 сентября 2021

Global base oils market snapshot – Week of 13 September 2021

Global base oil prices have mostly fallen as surplus supply has increased and demand has slowed. But the pace of the fall in prices has been uneven. Prices for some grades have fallen more steeply than others. Prices in some regions have held firm.


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10 сентября 2021

Discord in the shipping industry has the chemicals sector dancing to its tune

The global shipping industry has been disrupted throughout the past two years. Container shortages, a lack of vessel availability, delays at ports, insufficient port capacity and infrastructure, and strong demand for goods have all resulted in challenges in securing shi...


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