Inside Fertilizer Analytics podcast series

Inside Fertilizer Analytics podcast series

This podcast series connects you with industry-leading market experts in the Argus consulting team, covering the markets for urea, ammonia, processed phosphates, phosphate rock, potash, NPKs, sulphur, sulphuric acid, technical grade urea and ammonium sulphate.

Each podcast episode utilises data and insight from our quarterly Argus Fertilizer Analytics services and multi-client reports, proving a unique and insightful window into our consultants’ views on the outlook for prices, supply, demand, costs, trade and projects. Listen and subscribe to Argus podcasts on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or Stitcher.

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Latest Inside Fertilizer Analytics episodes

12 dezembro 2022

Inside Fertilizer Analytics: Phosphate Rock, Dec. 2022

As 2022 draws to a close, Claira Lloyd, Phosphate and Phosphate Rock Research Manager and Timothy Evans, Phosphate Analyst join Tim Cheyne, SVP – Global Head of Fertilizers, to discuss and assess key developments across policy, new projects and pricing.


Ásia-Pacífico África Fertilizantes Europa Global Antiga União Soviética

01 abril 2022

Inside Fertilizer Analytics: Phosphates, Mar. 2022

The phosphate market has had to contend with the impact of the Russia-Ukraine conflict and ongoing Chinese export restrictions. Meanwhile, there is growing interest in lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries and the opportunities this presents to phosphate rock and phosp...


Fertilizantes Global Inglês Europa Ásia-Pacífico

09 novembro 2021

Inside Fertilizer Analytics: Processed Phosphates, Nov. 2021

The processed phosphates market has continued its year of surprises and price rallying since our last processed phosphates podcast episode and it’s the imposition of restrictions on Chinese phosphate exports which have spurred on the most recent wave of concerns and pri...


Fertilizantes Global Ásia-Pacífico Europa Antiga União Soviética América do Norte Agricultura África América Latina e Caribe Oriente Médio Inglês

02 novembro 2021

Inside Fertilizer Analytics: Sulphur, Nov. 2021

In an environment where energy prices are surging and fertilizer prices are hitting record levels, sulphur is in a intriguing position, intersecting these two markets. What are the prospects for the sulphur market?


Fertilizantes Global África Agricultura Ásia-Pacífico Inglês Europa Antiga União Soviética América Latina e Caribe Oriente Médio América do Norte

02 agosto 2021

Inside Fertilizer Analytics: Blue ammonia, Aug. 2021

Low-carbon or blue ammonia has seen growing numbers of projects announced, and is perceived as at least a stepping stone towards a carbon-free ammonia market in the future.


Fertilizantes Net zero Inglês Global

16 julho 2021

Inside Fertilizer Analytics: Urea, Jul. 2021

The urea market has seen a surge in demand without a corresponding increase in supply. Will the bull run on prices continue?


Inglês Fertilizantes Global

01 julho 2021

Inside Fertilizer Analytics: Phosphate Rock, Jul. 2021

The phosphate rock market has seen structural changes in Egypt, changes in Indian market dynamics and intriguing developments around projects in Israel, Australasia and China. How have these and other factors influenced our view of the phosphate rock market?


Europa África Fertilizantes Inglês

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