Argus Global Crude Summit Americas

Houston, Texas, US
10-12 February 2025
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11:45 - 12:15


12:15 - 12:30

Enterprise presentation


Bus leaves for the Enterprise Houston Ship Channel

16:30 - 18:30

Welcome networking drinks reception

Open to all attendees

08:00 - 09:00

Registration and networking

09:00 - 09:10

Argus welcome address

Adrian Binks

Chief Executive Officer
09:10 - 10:00

Special guest speaker

Speakers Include:

Ambassador Jon Huntsman, Jr.

10:00 - 10:15

A short refreshment break

10:15 - 10:45

Keynote fireside chat: Exploring the evolution of oil and gas: Adapting to the dynamic landscape of the modern era

-How has Energy Transfer adapted to changes in the market and transformed itself over the years? What is Energy Transfer’s next phase of growth?
-How does the midstream industry see opportunity amongst the ever-evolving landscape of government regulations?
-What role will Energy Transfer play internationally as expansion opportunities increase for industry players?
-What is the real story on the future of oil and gas? Is there a transition happening?

Speakers Include:

Kelcy L. Warren

Executive Chairman
Energy Transfer
10:45 - 11:15

Keynote fireside chat: Supply and trading in the turbulence of the Americas markets

-What challenges do buyers face in the diverse Latin American crude markets?
-What’s the key to leading and running a successful petroleum trading teams in 2024?
-How is the industry faring in the energy transition, and where is acceleration taking place?

Speakers Include:

Rick Marriner

Chief Executive Officer
Reliance USA INC
11:15 - 11:50

Morning coffee and networking

11:50 - 12:30

Keynote panel: Unravelling an uncertain global economy: How inflation, limited investments and a likely recession may impact the oil markets

-How can companies plan for the future and investments at an uncertain time?
-A detailed dive into geopolitics and the factors affecting crude demand and prices today
-What is the impact of China’s position on the global crude stage on North America?

Speakers Include:

David Doyle

Managing Director, Head of Economics
Macquarie Group

Paul Horsnell

Global Head of Commodities
Standard Chartered

Jamie Webster

Partner and Associate Director


David Fyfe

Chief Economist
12:30 - 13:00

A broad sweep: A view on crude, new energies and transitioning to a lower carbon world

-What are the supply demand trends of crude and products in the long term?
-How can the crude market transition into new energies and reduce emissions?
-How North America can position itself as the world’s crude supplier in the future

Speakers Include:

Colin Parfitt

Vice President, Midstream
13:00 - 14:00

Networking lunch

14:00 - 14:30

Trader interview: Global appetite for North American crude: Where are barrels going?

A look at how global crude and product flows are evolving. Enabling resource in the Permian to international markets and the rise of Asia

How are the ongoing Russian sanctions changing product trade flows to Europe, and will it last?
Canada and US flows: What happens to Canadian heavy sours in terms of US markets?
What new dynamics will the TMX pipeline bring with new trade routes to China?

Speakers Include:

David Garza

Managing Director
14:00 - 14:30


Matt Oatway

SVP North America
14:30 - 15:10

Understanding how WTI Midland in the Brent basket affects pricing

How has price evolved with WTI Midland in the Brent basket and is it changing the way trade works?
A view on new arbitrage opportunities in the Atlantic basin with trans-Atlantic voyages
Assessing different grades, trade flows and arbitrage opportunities and the impact on pricing

Speakers Include:

James Gooder

Vice-President, Crude

Mike Wittner

Global Head of Oil Market Research
Intercontinental Exchange

Peter Keavey

Managing Director and Global Head of Energy and Environmental Products
CME Group


Matt Oatway

SVP North America
15:10 - 16:10

Afternoon coffee and networking

16:10 - 16:40

Panel discussion: Assessing energy policies, implementation and the upcoming regulatory landscape

What will congress do for the rest of the year ¬and what is at stake during the election?
Understanding the regulatory policies in Houston and new ESG initiatives?
What are the developments surrounding the Inflation Reduction Act including methane tax

16:40 - 17:10

How is Latin America positioning itself as a major player in the crude markets

Hear from key stakeholders in the region and understand developments on shale and crude oil, diesel imports from China, sour crude flows into the US and how trade flows will adapt to move new barrels

-How do the current Latin American crude and productions supply/demand landscape look?
-A look at Argentinian shale; pipelines and flows to Europe, Asia, Africa and Middle East
-What new flows are we seeing from China into Latin America and do we expect that to stay?


Gustavo Hooper

Head of Trading & Shipping

Chairperson's closing remarks


Networking drinks reception

08:10 - 08:55

Data science workshop: Navigating the future: AI-powered risk management solutions

Discussing the role of AI in analysing market trends and establishing a new age of scenarios and stress testing

Speakers Include:

Vlasios Voudouris

Chief Data Officer
08:00 - 09:00

Morning coffee

09:00 - 09:10

Chairperson’s opening remarks

10:00 - 10:30

What has happened to freight rates and new sensitivities in the crude market

-A view on shipping demand, freight rates and the impact on crude differentials
-What could the price of shipping mean for the price of energy, crude and products?

Speakers Include:

Nicholas Watt

Freight Editorial Manager
10:30 - 11:10

Shipping spotlight: How can the industry navigate itself through issues with tanker availability?

Join this discussion to understand the current global shipping landscape, the cost and aging of ships, and how the market will cope moving forward. Learn about IMOs environmental pressures and explore new bunker fuels for the future

-What is the availability of ships and the main challenges with age and tonnes per mile?
-How much Russian crude is moving and how big is the shadow pool?


Rohit Rathod

Senior Oil Market Analyst
11:10 - 11:40

Morning coffee and networking

11:40 - 12:20

Short presentations followed by Q&A: Infrastructure and pipeline projects – enabling greater connectivity to new markets

Take a deep dive into new infrastructure projects, building out Permian basin capacity and the expansion at Corpus Christi. Understand crude pipeline expansion versus crude production, where companies see their revenue base growing and challenges with varying jurisdictions and crude quality

-What new projects are taking place including dock expansions, offshore pipelines and mobility to load VLCCs?
-Will midstream companies change their operations due to crude quality issues in pipelines?
-What is the space for a large midstream projects in the future?

Speakers include:

Adam Arthur

Executive Vice President
Crude Oil & Canada, Energy Transfer

Bevin Wirzba

Executive Vice-President and Group President, Liquids Pipelines and Coastal GasLink (CGL)
TC Energy
11:40 - 12:00

Case study: Monitoring the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion: Updates on movement of commercial volumes

-Project update, expected in service date, remaining hurdles
-Expectations for the first year – operational and logistical challenges
-WCSB expectations: production and market impacts from TMX expansion

Speakers Include:

Jason Balasch

Senior Director, Business Development
Trans Mountain

Greig Sproule

Vice President, Tolls and Tariffs
12:20 - 13:00

Chairperson’s closing remarks

13:10 - 14:10

Networking lunch


Close of conference

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