Argus Coal 2024 Conference

Istanbul, Turkiye
25 - 26 April 2024

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Birlik Seven Energy

Birlik Seven Enerji A.Ş. It is a company founded by professionals in the coal and energy industry with decades of experience in coal production and trading.



Petco Katı Yakıt Enerji ve Madencilik A.Ş. was established with the experience of industry leader representatives who have worked in every field within the industry for more than 15 years. It is an international Energy and Solid Fuel supplier company that aims to achieve sustainable and continuous growth by making a difference in its sector with its wide product range, innovative employees, respectful approach to people and the environment. Having a timeless vision, we meet our customers' product and service needs completely and on time with our market-oriented approach and wide distribution network.

Limak Cement

Limak Cement

Limak Cement, a member of Limak Holding, was incorporated in 2000 and, growing through organic and inorganic growth, managed to become a group with Turkey's second largest clinker capacity with 10 cement plants and a clinker capacity of 9.6 million tons. On the other hand, Limak Cement has been running its operations in Sub-Saharan Africa since 2016. Limak Cimentos S.A. (Mozambique) and Limak Afrika S.A. (Ivory Coast), affiliates of Limak Cement, have positioned themselves in their respective countries among brands of choice thanks to the loyal customer group that has formed due to their cement and concrete products as well as their stability in service quality and increasing customer satisfaction. Limak Cement FZE, the Foreign Trade company of Limak Cement, has been running its operations in 4 continents since 2017 and reached an annual export volume of 3 million tons. Limak Cement, celebrating its twentieth year in the industry, employs an experienced team of investment and finance staff members who brought together the latest innovations of the global cement industry and the most effective project financing solutions for its 9 renovations, and capacity increase projects and 7 new investment projects.


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Global commodities and Logistics

Global Commodities and Logistics Limited is a privately held company, which combines sales & trading in Commodity, Financing and Logistic and offers a comprehensive and first-class customer service, builts a reputation on reliability and flexibility. We are proud of long-term established friendly partnership with reliable suppliers in commodity trading sector, which allows us to be a sound partner in risk management, and physical trading of commodities and to offer a wide range of products and services at competitive prices all over the world.
We provide dedicated global trading, logistic, forwarding and 4PL services for commodities (coal, metals, grain) and general cargoes. Global Commodities and Logistics handle thousands of tons of cargoes every year and manages the whole supply chain from origin and shipping, to stevedoring and warehousing and onward distribution up to the final point of destination.



TELF AG is a full service international physical commodities trader. Our business has a global reach, servicing customers, and providing solutions for commodities producers across the world.
With a track record spanning more than a quarter of a century, we work in close partnership with producers to provide effective marketing, financing and logistics solutions, enabling suppliers to focus on their core activities while accessing markets wherever they may be. Our flexible and customer-focused approach allows us to create tailor-made solutions for each producer facilitating long-term partnership relationships. While our focus on operational excellence and reliability of supply is widely recognized by consumers.


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SS Freight Solutions

SS Freight Solutions

SS Freight Solutions BV is a deep sea dry bulk cargo transportation company formed by a team of well educated maritime professionals with an aggregate of 25 years industry expertise and global market coverage across various size segments handysize to panamaxes. We positioned ourselves as a shipping arm of cargo owners / commodity traders looking with the same view to reduce costs by the most economical shipping, provide risk management and hedgings through freight derivatives and different financial instruments. Worldwide commodity trading effected due to global competition, sanctions on countries, high inflations and recession expectations, ambitious environmental and climate concerns on new energy sources. SS Freight Solutions BV is your midstream partner on deep sea logistics of commodities not only provide you cost saving on transportations but also allow you a time to concentrate more on trading activities.