Future fuels

Future fuels

What are the fuels of the future? Whether powering homes, industry or transportation, the options include natural renewables, bioenergy, expansion of nuclear and electrification. We continue to examine the potential for a range of possible alternative fuel options and analyse how traditional fuel markets are impacted.

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Future road fuels

For more than 100 years the internal combustion engine has dominated propulsion for road-going vehicles. Reliant on gasoline and diesel produced from non-renewable fossil fuels, its future in its current guise appears limited. As governments around the world search for ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, there are a number of possible alternative fuels emerging for road transportation.

  • Road fuels of the future

    Learn more about six alternatives to gasoline and diesel in this infographic.
  • Driving Discussions

    This podcast series examines the market forces that impact road fuels across the globe.
  • Opportunities for renewable feedstocks

    Renewable feedstocks and fuels are flooding into the market. What has caused this shift and what does the future hold?
  • ARGUS Biofuels

    Providing key international insights into the biodiesel, ethanol and feedstock markets.
  • ARGUS Americas Biofuels

    Covering the physical spot market for ethanol and other renewable fuels across the Americas.

Alternative marine fuels

The International Maritime Organisation (IMO) is adopting a strategy to phase out carbon emissions as soon as possible, with ambitious targets set between now and 2050. Shipbuilders now have a plethora of low-carbon options for marine powertrains. But what are these alternative fuels and how likely are they to disrupt traditional marine fuels?

  • Argus Asia Alternative Marine Fuels Webinar

    Join the webinar for an insightful discussion on the low carbon alternative marine fuels market in Asia – mainly Singapore, Japan and China marine fuels markets.
  • Decarbonisation in the bunker market

    Exploring what the future holds for the bunker market as the focus shifts from sulphur reduction to decarbonization.
  • Argus supports development of marine market for green ammonia

    Argus Media has agreed to share its database of ammonia terminals with DNV GL’s Alternative Fuel Insight platform
  • Green shift to create 1 billion tonne ‘green ammonia’ market?

    Analysing the case for green ammonia and potential markets (fertilizer/industrial applications, marine fuel and power generation).
  • Discussing bunker fuels with car carrier UECC

    With new car sales struggling, what has been the impact on car carrier UECC?
  • Low carbon marine fuels

    IBIA board member, Adrian Tolson, discusses the state of the bunker industry and low carbon fuels.
  • Exploring bio-marine fuels

    Learn about GoodFuels' journey towards becoming a pioneer in biomarine fuels.
  • LNG as a future marine fuel

    What impact has Covid-19 had on LNG as a marine fuel? Argus discusses the future of IMO compliance with Titan LNG.
  • ARGUS Marine Fuels

    The most comprehensive source of daily marine fuel prices and spot deals, covering the world’s most important bunker locations.

Sustainable aviation fuels

The global aviation industry is developing a thirst for renewable jet fuel. Through self-governance by airlines, incentive programmes on the US west coast, pending government mandates in Europe and growing credit offset schemes in North America, sustainable aviation fuel is quickly becoming a highly sought-after commodity throughout the world.

  • The growing importance of SAF in the US

    This episode of the Jet Fuel Insights podcast discusses key factors that have led to importance of SAF and what’s next for this fuel.
  • White paper: sustainable aviation fuel

    Argus shines a light on the growing SAF market to examine this fast changing commodity.
  • Jet Fuel Insights

    Podcast series exploring how the freight market is affecting jet fuel prices around the globe.
  • ARGUS Jet Fuel

    Offering prices that are increasingly used and trusted as a benchmark by companies throughout the supply chain.
  • ARGUS Biofuels

    Providing key international insights into the biodiesel, ethanol and feedstock markets.
  • ARGUS Air Daily

    Providing pricing, news and analysis for the North American environmental markets.

Fuels for power generation

Social pressure and government mandates are driving demand for 'green power', with many providers now reassuring clients of their 100pc renewable credentials. But in reality, fossil fuels remain the primary source of energy for electricity grids and in industry. What are the leading contenders for renewable power in different regions and what is required to secure continuous, guaranteed power?

  • Hydrogen’s role in power generation

    In this blog post, Dr. Neil D'Souza, Principal, Consulting, takes us through how hydrogen can help decarbonise the power generation industry.
  • Green hydrogen and ammonia take the stage

    Hydrogen hype and impact on green ammonia project activity.
  • Special Report: Hydrogen – Hope or Hype?

    Seeing through the hype and understanding hydrogen’s limits will be key to unlocking its low‑carbon potential.
  • Nuclear power: Will history repeat itself?

    How Covid-19's disruption to maintenance schedules might impact nuclear supply and power prices in France.
  • Biomass markets adjust to challenging times

    Webinar examining market developments, policy changes and key challenges for biomass in 2020.
  • UK blackout: How the system has changed

    In a rapidly evolving power system, what are the main challenges to ensure reliable power supplies?
  • ARGUS European Electricity

    From breaking news to discerning market insight and concise data charts, your daily source of information about the European electricity markets.
  • ARGUS Biomass Markets

    Global coverage of the wood pellet, wood chip and palm kernel shell markets, prices and news.

Argus services

As a leading source of market intelligence for the energy and power markets, Argus provides a trusted independent view and the tools needed to manage the energy transition. From price assessments and the latest news, to independent forecasts and bespoke consulting, we keep our clients up to date and informed as our future energy landscape develops.

Explore our services by sector or get in touch with your requirements.

  • Power

    Leading intelligence into electricity markets and extensive industry data to effectively track regional power markets, including renewable power generation and GOO certificates
  • Bioenergy

    Benchmark prices for biofuels and biomass markets globally along with updates on changing legislation, long-term market fundamentals and the latest market-moving news
  • Metals

    Argus is at the forefront of covering the battery materials sector, as well as looking at the full range of electronic metals and rare earths required to support technology emerging
  • Emissions

    Extensive regional price and market intelligence for the carbon and greenhouse gas markets, including the EU ETS, CER, RGGI, LCFS, RECs, and updates on latest regulatory changes
  • Oil products

    Price assessments, market intelligence and latest news for the evolving oil markets globally with dedicated services by region and for road, marine and jet fuels


Realise potential with tailored research projects. Argus Consulting have worked with many organizations as the energy industry takes steps to overcome challenges and grasp opportunities thrown up by the global transition and the move towards greater use of renewable power.

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