Falando de Mercado (Market Talks) podcast series

Falando de Mercado (Market Talks) podcast series

This podcast series offers you exclusive analysis and insight presented by Argus’ leading industry experts in Portuguese, so you can understand key trends and events shaping the global market landscape and their impacts in Brazil and Latin America. Some episodes are also available in English. Each episode focuses on a regional outlook for a different sector, from road fuels to grains and fertilizers, including LPG, jet fuel, biofuels and livestock, among others.

Argus podcast episodes are available on a variety of podcast platforms as well as the Argus Blog, where each episode can be streamed and is provided with a full transcript and related links.

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Argus podcast series

Falando de Mercado (Market Talks) episodes

01 сентября 2022

Market talks: The influence of La Niña phenomenon at soy and corn harvests this year

The La Niña phenomenon always brings concerns in Brazilian agriculture, since it usually reduces rainfall volumes in the country’s southern regions. Meteorologists confirm that this weather pattern is present for the third year in a row and will extend throughout the st...


Удобрения Latin America and Caribbean Сельское хозяйство Portuguese

17 августа 2022

Market Talks: Supply and demand scenario for asphalt market in Latin America

The asphalt US Gulf coast price levels changed during the Covid-19 pandemic, affecting Latin American demand. And the Russia-Ukraine conflict worsened the scenario, reducing material availability and increasing crude and oil products prices.


Нефть Portuguese Latin America and Caribbean

09 августа 2022

Market Talks: Base Oils demand increases amid tight supply

Latin American base oils demand increased over the past months as supplies tightened in the regional and global markets. Base oils supplies were especially tight in Europe and the US markets as refinery run-cuts and maintenance curbed production in both regions.


Latin America and Caribbean Нефтепродукты Portuguese

03 августа 2022

Market talks: Grains storage capacity grows in Brazil

The amount of silos and warehouses in Brazil has increased by 26pc in the last 10 years. Market participants say there is a recent surge in investments in new structures. But what is the real storage deficit in the country?


Удобрения Latin America and Caribbean Сельское хозяйство Portuguese

28 июля 2022

Market Talks: CBios market outlook after 200% rise on B3

The price of decarbonization credits CBios traded on the B3 continues to renew records, already climbing 200% this year, in the face of increasing appetite of fuel distributors amid risk of lack of CBios to meet the decarbonization goals for the next years. Learn more a...


Portuguese Нефтепродукты Latin America and Caribbean

22 июля 2022

Market Talks: Grain road freights hit record high during the corn harvest

With the increase in price of diesel, higher demand for transportation service and a positive estimate for production of the second corn crop, grain road freights have registered record values. This created a challenging scenario for the country's logistics.


Транспортировка Latin America and Caribbean Portuguese Сельское хозяйство

14 июля 2022

Market Talks: The first six months of the biodiesel direct sales model

Brazil’s new biodiesel direct sales model for producers and fuel distributors, replacing public auctions, has been in place for six months.


Биотопливо Нефтепродукты Latin America and Caribbean Portuguese

08 июля 2022

Market Talks: The development of the new gas market in Brazil

Argus hosted in June the Argus Gas Trading Forum Brazil, with debates about the friction points in this new market, which is searching for more liquidity. The Forum also presented the results of a survey conducted by Argus with market participants.


Природный газ Электроэнергия Latin America and Caribbean Portuguese

01 июля 2022

Market Talks: Drop in Demand increases Brazilian MOP stocks

High fertilizer prices dropped the demand for Muriate of potash as farmers await to conclude deals and rise MOP stocks.


Удобрения Latin America and Caribbean Portuguese

17 июня 2022

Market Talks: The expansion of special fertilizer market

The Brazilian special fertilizer market has been showing double digit growth over the past at least five years, with total revenue around R$10 billion in 2021.


Сельское хозяйство Удобрения Latin America and Caribbean Portuguese

10 июня 2022

Market Talks: Latin America’s SAF market

The sustainable aviation fuel market (SAF) in Latin America is still in its infancy. However, a few production projects have been announced for the region.


Транспортировка Нефтепродукты Latin America and Caribbean Portuguese

03 июня 2022

Market Talks: Northeast Brazil distributors scramble for ethanol

Strong demand in the Brazil's northeast over the past months has prompted motor fuel distributors to pursue new strategies to mitigate rising logistics costs, given increased delivery costs from ethanol mills and recent hikes in diesel prices.


Биотопливо Portuguese Транспортировка Нефтепродукты

27 мая 2022

Market Talks: Dry weather changes corn harvest estimates

Some corn producing areas of Mato Grosso had losses of 50pc in yields because of the lack of rain. The dry weather has also affected crops in other regions of Brazil.


Сельское хозяйство Latin America and Caribbean English Portuguese

18 мая 2022

Market Talks: The longer term Petrobras contracts with distributors

To end injunctions that kept 2021 natural gas prices with distributors stable in six states, Petrobras is offering to maintain those prices in exchange for longer term contracts. But could this be a hindrance to increased competition?


Природный газ Latin America and Caribbean Portuguese

13 мая 2022

Market Talks: High fuel prices put pressure on logistics costs

Following the rise in oil prices amid international problems, diesel fuel in Brazil has accumulated a significant increase throughout 2022.


Сельское хозяйство Удобрения Нефтепродукты Latin America and Caribbean Portuguese

05 мая 2022

Market Talks: CBios rise on B3 and engage market attention

The price of decarbonization credits CBios traded on the B3 hit a record at R$101 recently, with the appetite of fuel distributors to meet their annual targets, while more biofuel plants seek certification to issue CBios. Find out about the prospects for the current tig...


Биотопливо Нефтепродукты Latin America and Caribbean Portuguese

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