Falando de Mercado (Market Talks) podcast series

Falando de Mercado (Market Talks) podcast series

Falando de Mercado (Market Talks) episodes

18 мая 2022

Market Talks: The longer term Petrobras contracts with distributors

To end injunctions that kept 2021 natural gas prices with distributors stable in six states, Petrobras is offering to maintain those prices in exchange for longer term contracts. But could this be a hindrance to increased competition?


Природный газ Latin America and Caribbean Portuguese

13 мая 2022

Market Talks: High fuel prices put pressure on logistics costs

Following the rise in oil prices amid international problems, diesel fuel in Brazil has accumulated a significant increase throughout 2022.


Сельское хозяйство Удобрения Нефтепродукты Latin America and Caribbean Portuguese

05 мая 2022

Market Talks: CBios rise on B3 and engage market attention

The price of decarbonization credits CBios traded on the B3 hit a record at R$101 recently, with the appetite of fuel distributors to meet their annual targets, while more biofuel plants seek certification to issue CBios. Find out about the prospects for the current tig...


Биотопливо Нефтепродукты Latin America and Caribbean Portuguese

28 апреля 2022

Market Talks: Brazil farmers to cut more MOP than N and P

Brazilian producers are likely to cut potash usage in the 2022-23 crop more than phosphates and nitrogen use, amid rising global fertilizer prices and tighter global supply.


Удобрения Сельское хозяйство Latin America and Caribbean Portuguese English

21 апреля 2022

Market Talks: PetroReconcavo and the gas market in Brazil

PetroReconcavo is one of the oil and gas producers to step up in the newly liberalised Brazilian gas market, with the purchase of new assets and signing of gas supply agreements.


Природный газ Транспортировка Latin America and Caribbean Portuguese

14 апреля 2022

Market Talks: Soybean export premiums reach record high levels

Port differentials in the Paranagua soybean paper market hit record highs in March and remain under pressure in April.


Сельское хозяйство Latin America and Caribbean Portuguese

07 апреля 2022

Market Talks: Brazil importers adjust diesel delivery dates

Since the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Brazilian diesel importers are facing limited product availability in the US Gulf Coast and have sought alternative supplies in the Mideast Gulf, west Africa and India, which requires longer wait times landings.


Нефтепродукты Транспортировка Latin America and Caribbean Global Africa Asia-Pacific Europe North America Portuguese

01 апреля 2022

Market Talks: The power modernization bill and its developments

With the Brazilian power sector total opening for a competitive model, the country needs to address the legal changes needed to match the new market.


Природный газ Электроэнергия Latin America and Caribbean Portuguese

25 марта 2022

Market Talks: 3tentos expands and diversifies its operation

Following an IPO in July, 2021, agribusiness company 3tentos expands its business in Brazil and considers diversification.


Биотопливо Сельское хозяйство Энергопереход Нефтепродукты Latin America and Caribbean Portuguese

17 марта 2022

Market Talks: Brazil launches plan to reduce fertilizer imports dependency by 2050

Brazil launched the fertilizer plan in early March to reduce the share of fertilizer it sources from imports, amid concerns on global market rising prices and restrictions on major global producer exports.


Сельское хозяйство Удобрения Latin America and Caribbean English Portuguese

10 марта 2022

Market Talks: Brazil’s fuel pricing future clouded by elections

The rise in fuel prices boosts inflation ahead of October elections, putting Petrobras' price policy under pressure amid crude oil jump above $100/bl.


Нефтепродукты Нефть Latin America and Caribbean Portuguese

03 марта 2022

Market Talks: Logistics expansion plans at Brazilian ports

Brazilian ports promise a series of changes throughout this year to improve the country’s logistical efficiency as a whole and reduce the queues for berthing ships.


Транспортировка Сельское хозяйство Удобрения Portuguese

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