The Argus biopropane fca ARA range price assessment focuses on biopropane produced from used cooking oil (UCO), and is part of Argus’ complete suite of prices for UCO-based hydrotreated products. 

Argus UCO-based hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) Class II is regarded as a trusted benchmark for the road transport sector, and Argus UCO-based HEFA-SPK sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and bionaphtha prices are considered key references for stakeholders in the aviation and petrochemicals industries.


What is biopropane?

Biopropane is a by-product of HVO (hydrotreated vegetable oil) and SAF (sustainable aviation fuel) production. It can be used as a direct replacement for conventional propane in all its traditional applications in the road transport and petrochemicals sectors and for off-grid heating. 

Argus publishes daily price assessments for fob ARA biopropane in Argus International LPG and Argus Biofuels. 

Price assessment details

What are the advantages of the Argus European biopropane price assessments?

Argus is the leading source of price and market intelligence for the global LPG market. It is also home to trusted price benchmarks for HVO and related biofuels.

As a by-product of HVO and SAF production, biopropane prices and fundamentals are intertwined with those for HVO.

Argus provides unparalleled insight into the biopropane market, building on its already established coverage of hydrotreated biofuels and renewable feedstocks prices. While the biopropane industry is still in its infancy, renewable targets are growing and consumer pressure is mounting, pushing stakeholders in mandated and non-mandated markets to explore all options to decarbonise in the most efficient way. Argus’ expertise and insights help veterans of the industry and newcomers to navigate the complex and fast-developing biofuels market and legislative framework.

How are these assessments used?

The Argus biopropane fob ARA price assessments help hydrotreated biofuels producers assess the market value of their by-products to optimise production and find key target markets. It is also used by buyers in the petrochemicals, heating and transport sectors that want to — or have to — decarbonise their operations and need a robust price reference and a comprehensive market overview to develop their strategies.

While availability is limited, production is set to grow in line with rising capacity for HVO and SAF. This will offer a growing number of stakeholders in multiple industries more opportunities to reduce their carbon footprints.

How do you access them?

Argus publishes daily price assessments for fob ARA biopropane in Argus International LPG and Argus Biofuels.

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