ARGUS Freight

The Argus Freight service provides daily comprehensive global shipping news and cost data for dirty and clean crude oil and petroleum product tanker routes. Rates are available in both Worldscale and lumpsum, when applicable, in a spreadsheet format, and in US dollars per tonne. This comprehensive report also features rates for LPG, dry bulk and fertilizer freight, and bunker fuel prices in the main bunkering centres.

Newest feature: Floating storage bookings database

As the world is awash with crude oil and petroleum products, increasing volumes end up in floating storage. Understanding the costs of floating storage, its dynamics and key players is crucial for all players in these markets. Argus Freight’s newest feature, the Floating Storage Bookings database allows easy filtering of data and offers customizable views: from the big picture to very detailed breakdowns by market segments.

floating storage bookings database 

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Key features

  • Over 100 clean and dirty tanker rates assessed daily
  • Freight rates for coal, petroleum coke and LPG
  • Bunker fuel prices
  • Market commentary analysing price movements
  • Comprehensive shipping news
  • Floating Storage Bookings database

Markets covered

Dirty tanker freight rates

  • Crude, including dirty Med-UKC 80,000t, dirty Mideast Gulf-Europe 260,000t, dirty Cross-UK 135,000t, dirty Cross-Med 135,000t, Mideast Gulf-East 270,000t, west Africa-US Gulf 130,000t, Caribbean-Singapore 270,000t, Kozmino-Singapore 100,000t, Caribbean-USGC 70,000t, Baltic-UK continent 30,000t
  • Fuel oil, including Mideast Gulf-East 80,000t

Clean tanker freight rates

  • Petroleum products: Clean Cross-UKC 22,000t, Mideast Gulf-East 35,000t, UK continent-US Atlantic coast 37,000t, USGC/Caribbean-UKCM 38,000t, Cross-Med 30,000t, Mideast Gulf-UK continent 90,000t
  • Naphtha: Med 30,000t, Med-UKC 30,000t
  • Gasoline: Cross-Med 30,000t
  • Jet: Cross-Med jet 30,000t

Other freight rates covered

  • Coal: Richards Bay-Rotterdam 150,000t Capesize, Puerto Bolivar-Rotterdam 150,000t Capesize
  • Petroleum coke: US Gulf-ARA 45,000-50,000t
  • LPG: VLGC Mideast Gulf-Japan
  • Bunker prices

Regions covered

  • Mideast Gulf
  • Americas
  • Northern Europe
  • Mediterranean
  • Baltic
  • Asia-Pacific
  • West Africa

Vessel classes covered

  • Dirty tankers: VLCC, Suezmax, Aframax, Panamax, Handysize
  • Clean tankers: LR2, LR1, MR, Handysize
  • Dry bulkers: Capesize, Panamax, Supramax, Handymax, Handysize

Customers that benefit

Anyone with an interest in the shipping of clean and dirty petroleum products, coal and LPG will find the Argus Freight service an essential read. Our subscribers include:

  • Shipping companies
  • Ship brokers
  • Traders
  • Suppliers
  • End users
  • Utility companies

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