Industrial manufacturing industries such as automotive, aerospace, construction and consumer electronics face a myriad of challenges. Many of these concerns are associated with volatility in commodity markets, from rising operational costs to changing market dynamics and constantly evolving regulatory landscapes, to name just a few.

Procurement teams, category managers, strategists and buyers use Argus price data and intelligence to navigate these challenges. To negotiate supply contracts from a position of strength and to maximize your profit margin, you need to build efficient procurement strategies, manage costs and mitigate price risk exposure.

Explore our price assessments, analytical tools and market insight on the key raw materials markets to better understand how Argus helps industrial manufacturers make informed decisions.

The Argus advantage

Our people

Our dedicated team of industry professionals are close to local markets, so you benefit not only from precise pricing data, but the breadth of market intelligence at their fingertips. Data alone - no matter how accurate - is not sufficient.


The unique market insights that out clients benefit from are founded upon proven methods. Our methodologies for price discovery are transparent and firmly based on rigorous market-appropriate processes.


For over 50 years, clients have benefited from the precise market intelligence delivered by Argus experts working collaboratively across the global commodity markets.