Argus Open Markets® is a web-based electronic platform enabling registered market participants to post bids, offers and initiate commodity deals in real time on the spot market. The platform provides transparent market and price information for the spot value of the traded commodity. Market participants are able to see market developments unfold in real time.

Key features


Market specific

Adaptable for different markets according to individual requirements.



Allows for flexibility on qualities, terms and timing.



Offers a comprehensive electronic audit trail.


Live newsfeeds

Customisable live newsfeed for individual markets.

Markets covered

Naphtha cif NWE - Cargoes

Naphtha fob ARA - Barges

RED RME fob ARA range

RED FAME 0 fob ARA range

RED UCOME fob ARA range

RED HVO Class I fob ARA range

RED HVO Class II fob ARA range

RED HVO Class III fob ARA range

RED HVO Class IV fob ARA range

RED UCO fob ARA range

90kt diesel cif ARA cargo

90kt diesel cif West Med cargo

30-60kt diesel cif ARA cargo

30-60kt diesel cif West Med

30kt fob ARA cargo

RED (T2) Ethanol fob ARA range

RED (T2) premium Ethanol fob ARA range

ABX 1 fob Singapore

ABX 2 fob South Korea

daf Brest Propane-Butane mix outright

daf Brest Propane outright

daf Brest Propane-Butane mix floating

daf Brest Propane floating

fot East of Polish Border Propane-Butane Mix Outright

daf Ukraine Western Border Propane-Butane mix

daf Ukraine Western Border Propane-Butane mix diff to cif ARA

daf Ukraine Western Border Propane-Butane mix dif to cif ARA LPG

daf/fca LPG Romania-Moldova-Ukraine bases

Fuel oil 380cst fob Fujairah Barge

O/S Naphtha 1st half-month

O/S Naphtha 2nd half-month

O/S Naphtha 3rd half-month

Naphtha Flexi

Propane fob Barge (Outright)

Butane cif Barge (Outright)

Propane fob Barge (basis cif ARA large)

Butane cif Barge (basis % Naphtha)

Propane fob Coaster (Outright)

Butane cif Coaster (Outright)

Propane fob Coaster (basis cif ARA large)

Butane cif Coaster (basis % Naphtha)

cif ARA Propane Large Cargoes

cif ARA Butane Large Cargoes

Butane cif Morocco (large)

Butane cif Morocco (small)

Asia-Pacific C3 Propane

Asia-Pacific C4 Butane

Asia-Pacific C3/C4 Propane/Butane

fob Gulf Propane and/or Butane

Argus cfr Ningbo Propane and/or Butane

Jet FARAG Barges fob

Jet Med Cargoes cif

Jet NWE Cargoes cif

Bitumen fob NWE Cargoes

Bitumen fob Med Cargoes

Bitumen cif NWE Cargoes

Fuel oil 0.5%S Barge NWE fob outright

Fuel oil 0.5%S Barge NWE fob diff to ICE Gasoil

WTI Delivered Rotterdam

Bakken delivered Rotterdam

Johan Sverdrup fob Mongstad

Eagle Ford 45 delivered Rotterdam

Brent North Sea Dated

LLS delivered Rotterdam

WCS delivered Rotterdam

Flotta Gold





USGC 0.5%S FO $/bl

USGC 0.5%S FO vs HO1

USGC 0.5%S FO vs CL1

USGC 0.5%S FO vs BRN1

NYH 0.5%S FO $/bl

USGC 0.5%S FO $/t

NYH 0.5%S FO $/t

NYH 0.5% S FO vs HO1

NYH 0.5%S FO vs CL1

NYH 0.5%S FO vs BRN1

Coke fob US Gulf Coast Fixed

Coke fob US Gulf Coast Argus Index

Coke cfr Asia Fixed

Coke cfr Asia Argus Index

Coke cfr Latin America Fixed

Coke cfr Latin America Argus Index

Coke cfr Med/NWE Fixed

Coke cfr Med/NWE Argus Index

PX cfr China/Taiwan Asia Origin

PX cfr China/Taiwan Open Origin

cif NWE Floating Price Wood Pellets

fob Baltic Floating Price Wood Pellets

fob Baltic Wood Pellets

cif NWE Wood Pellets

Argus Eurobob oxy barge diff

Argus Eurobob non-oxy barge diff

98R barge diff

RED UCO fob China

RED Premium UCO fob China

RED UCOME fob China

RED UCO fob Straits of Malacca

RED UCOME fob Straits of Malacca


For more information about the AOM platform and for customer support, please contact us by email or phone.



UK: +44-207-199-9430 (09:00 - 17:00 GMT/BST)

Singapore: +65-6495-9896 (09:00 - 17:00 SGT)