Global benchmark prices

Global crude price assessments, along with daily differentials to regional benchmarks, including WTI Midland and WTI Houston, Urals, Argus Brent Sour, ESPO, Tupi and many more.


Unrivalled methodology

Argus Crude is underpinned by the most robust, transparent and credible methodology, developed with the industry to ensure our price assessments are a true reflection of how the markets trade.


Market-moving news

Access the latest market-moving news published by our expert team of on-the-ground market reporters to ensure you stay on top of the crude market as it evolves.

Bulletin board

The Argus Crude Oil Bulletin Board allows you to see deal and bid/offer information quickly, anytime, anywhere.


China daily report

Chinese market participants can now quickly evaluate the global crude market with this brief report - in Chinese language.


Daily market report

At the end of each trading day we publish a PDF report containing the latest prices, news and market commentary.


  • Producers

    Track our assessments and use them in contracts and as reference in negotiation as well as for calculation of official selling prices. 

  • Refiners

    Rely on Argus assessments when evaluating offers and can also use our refinery netback prices for a wide range of crude grades to identify opportunities for better margins.
  • Traders

    Identify arbitrage opportunities and be assured that our assessments are impartial, robust and reliable for a wide range of US crude streams for domestic and internal trade.

  • Analysts and risk managers

    Follow our market commentary, which explains the reasons behind price movements.

Key price assessments

Argus prices are recognised by the market as trusted and reliable indicators of the real market value. Explore some of our most widely used and relevant price assessments.