Inside Fertilizer Analytics: Phosphate Rock, Dec. 2022

Author Argus

As 2022 draws to a close, Claira Lloyd, Phosphate and Phosphate Rock Research Manager and Timothy Evans, Phosphate Analyst join Tim Cheyne, SVP – Global Head of Fertilizers, to discuss and assess key developments across policy, new projects and pricing.


Key topics covered by the podcast:

Policy update
Possible impact of Indian authorities' increasing vigilance on environmental issues (accumulation of Phosphogypsum)
New Brazilian government and Brazil's President Lula plans to increase domestic fertilizer production and reduce fertilizer imports

New projects
Afrimat's mine in South Africa
Agriflex's Ardmore Phosphate Rock Project
Growth in Australian projects over the last 18 months

Forecast overview: Key influences and risks going forward
Potential for emergence of two separate two tier pricing systems

Phosphate Rock Analytics development at Argus
Phosphate rock costs in our Long Run Marginal Costs analysis
Mine level cost modelling - enhancing the robustness of our cost modelling even further

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