ARGUS Russian Coal

The Argus Russian Coal service is a weekly English-language report covering coal exports from Russia. The publication features a detailed overview of the Russian coal export market including price assessments, netbacks, coal production data, transportation, actual shipments broken down by port and producer, exclusive market news and much more.


  • A transparent methodology for coal pricing and netbacks, with a detailed breakdown
  • Data on procurement tenders and transactions
  • Market analysis and latest updates on the global coal supply and demand balance
  • Exclusive news including data on port capacities and infrastructure projects
  • Historical prices and volumes from 2007

Markets covered

  • Russian and global coal markets
  • Coal transportation market

Key features

  • Spot price assessments for Russian coal on a fob Baltic Sea, fob Vostochny, fob Black Sea and cif Marmara basis
  • Netbacks on the key routes for export shipments, including transshipment rates at Russian ports and railway transportation costs
  • Freight rates for bulk carriers used to ship coal to key export destinations
  • Overviews of the global coal market
  • Planned and actual railway shipments of coal exports to far eastern, Baltic, Black Sea and Sea of Azov ports, as well as to land border crossings
  • Coal export volumes, including transshipment at ports
  • Statistical data on coal mining in Russia and Kazakhstan, analytical reviews and news
  • Regular reports on port terminals used for export shipments of Russian coal

Customers that benefit

The Argus Russian Coal service is essential reading for those involved in or with exposure to the Russian coal market. Below are examples of how some clients use this service:

  • Exporters and importers of Russian coal use the prices and assessments provided in the report for trading and market analysis.
  • Coal producers use the price assessments provided in the report as market reference prices to substantiate contract prices for coal.
  • Industrial consumers use the information to monitor Russian domestic coal prices and netbacks.
  • Traders and analysts evaluate the market environment based on the data.
  • Tax authorities and investment companies use Argus price assessments to assess prices for coal, to index coal supply contracts and check the prices against market criteria.


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