15 septiembre - 16 septiembre 2022
Hilton Batumi Hotel, Batumi, Georgia

Argus Mineral Fertilizers – 2022. FSU, Caspian and Black Sea Markets

Fertilizer markets and logistics in spotlight at Argus conference

Argus’ third FSU, Caspian and Black Sea Mineral Fertilizers conference was held in Batumi, Georgia, on 15-16 September.

More than 250 representatives of businesses from 20 countries gathered to discuss trends and developments in the region’s fertilizer sector.

The conference was supported by general partner IK Group, global partner Quest Group, strategic partners Wondernet Express Investment Group and Trammo, sponsor Kazphosphate and session sponsor Asstra. The event was also supported by Intertek, Pilatus, Avaada, Altin Ates Group, Alkagesta and EGE Logistics.

IK Group Chief Executive and founder Kamal Guseynov gave the welcoming speech, stating the importance of such an event in turbulent times and wished everyone a productive conference.

Argus Vice-President for Fertilizer Business Development Oliver Hatfield assessed the current situation on the global market, speaking in detail about the evolution of and outlook for the potassium, phosphate and nitrogen segments in various regions.

Argus’ Deputy Head for Fertilizers in the FSU, Irina Kuguchina, described the changes in her market, noting the wide differential in prices that has opened, depending on the region of sale and the product’s exposure to sanctions, as well as the growing significance of logistical infrastructure.

Wondernet Express Investment Group Chief Executive Mamuka Murjikneli spoke about the capabilities of Georgian dry bulk terminals and changes in fertilizer trade flows.

The development of central Asian markets was considered during the second session, which featured reports by delegates from Kazphosphate, Intertek Caleb Brett and Argus.

The session dedicated to fertilizer logistics included a discussion attended by representatives of Asstra, EuroChem, Solar and ADY Container that addressed changing trade patterns, the outlook for deliveries through the Azerbaijan-Georgia corridor and for deliveries to Iran and the Mideast Gulf. Delegates noted the importance of the North-South ITC project, the creation of new port facilities and development of transport infrastructure.

On the second day, delegates visited fertilizer terminal at Batumi owned by Wondernet Express Investment Group. During the tour, company’s Technical Director Roman Chmil and Chief Engineer Nukri Sichinava showed their guests some of the terminal’s capabilities and answered questions about fertilizer transshipment.



General Director / CEO
Mamuka Murjikneli
General Director / CEO, Wondernet Express Investment Group
Oliver Hatfield
VP Fertilizers, Argus
Kamal Huseynov
CEO, Founder, IK Group
Vineet Mittal
Chairman, Avaada Group
Evgeny Krishtalev
Senior Analyst, Argus
Sarkhan Khankishiyev
Sales Manager, Intertek Caleb Brett
Natalia Demchenko
Branch Manager, AsstrA Georgia
Ekaterina Dakuko
Head of Market Intelligence, Solar
Irina Kuguchina
Irina Kuguchina
Deputy Head of Desk, Fertilizers, Argus
Strategic Partners
Session Sponsor
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