27 octubre - 28 octubre 2022
Istanbul, Turkiye

Argus LPG 2022

Global price reporting agency Argus invites you to take part in Argus LPG 2022 on 27-28 October 2022 in Istanbul, Turkiye.

The global LPG market has undergone a major restructuring of trade flows following the February 2022 events, especially on the European continent. EU regulators adhere to a policy decarbonization, which limits investment activity in the sector. Despite the gradual easing of the Covid-19 pandemic, the pace of the Chinese market recovery remains uncertain. How might the structure of LPG consumption change in different regions? Where can we expect new growth points to appear? What will cause the redirection of LPG flows? How will the LPG market change under the green agenda?

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Topics on the agenda include:

  • Global LPG market transformation in 2022
  • The LPG seaborne transportation market and the state of the LPG tanker fleet 
  • Asian petrochemical market — revision of development strategy
  • Increasing dependence of the European LPG market on US supplies 
  • European Union — bet on bio-LPG and DME?
  • The future of Poland’s LPG market amid self-sanctioning
  • Changing logistics of LPG supplies to eastern Europe and the Baltics
  • Special features of Turkey’s LPG market
  • Continued development of infrastructure projects in Russia
  • Current situation in central Asian and Caspian LPG markets

Registration rate for one person: 

€2,000 – standard registration fee

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