Argus Europe Carbon Conference

Nice, France
12-14 May 2025
296Faltan días

The agenda for 2024

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18.00 - 20.00

Welcome drinks reception

08.00 - 09.00

Registrations and welcome refreshments

09.00 - 09.05

Conference welcome


Devina Singh

Conference Producer
09.05 - 09.45

Workshop: Carbon market and fundamentals:

- EU ETS and beyond: Climate framework and legislations
- A global view of CBAM exporting prices across borders
- Understanding industrial footprint and carbon trading mechanisms

Nicolas Endress

CEO & Founder

Stefan Feuchtinger

Head of Research & Analysis, Vertis Environmental Finance
09.45 - 09.50

Chairperson's opening remarks

Charles Jans

Vice President, Consulting
09.50 - 10.30

Argus overview on carbon pricing, driving demand in the market and global significance of the carbon framework

- Carbon prices tumble: The macroeconomic implications of the transition to a low-carbon economy amidst low carbon prices
- What is the impact on the industry after COP28 and has it been instrumental in driving demand for market-based mechanisms?
- Silver lining: How to mitigate the ocean of legislations, oversupply of EUAs and fear among investors to reinstate trust and flow in the market interactions?

Victoria Hatherick

Editor, Argus
10.30 - 10.55

Keynote panel: Mitigating market imbalances spurred by the shifting role of the maritime sector as a result of the EU ETS's expansion

- There are many challenges including accountability, border rules, price volatility, will this inclusion really reduce emissions or is it a bumpy road ahead? What kind of foreseeable expenses will the marine sector eventually encounter?
- With the “polluter pays principle”, how will the role of shipowners evolve and what do they need to do to prepare for the regulatory changes?
- In a similar vein, under common ownerships of vessels, will separate corporate groups register as ETS participant and how do they decide?

William Boatwright

Senior Manager-Logistics and Climate Solutions

Tobias Troye

Head of Carbon Solutions, Bunker Holding

Charles Jans

Vice President, Consulting
10.55 - 11.25

Spotlight on EUA trade in the shipping sector

- Shipping vs. established industry: What is the difference when it comes to EU-ETS?
- Same, same but different: What challenges do shipping companies face?
- Berenberg as a well-established partner of the maritime industry: How do we help our clients to get through the storm?

Speakers Include:

Brian Knobloch

Vice President, Investment Banking, Financial Markets division, Berenberg

Henning von Berlepsch

Head of Structuring and Product Development in the Financial Markets division, Berenberg
11.25 - 12.00

Coffee and networking break

12.00 - 12.45

CBAM and its effect on the EU market: How will CBAM impact European producers and what are possible implications for prices and trade?

- How will CBAM impact EU producers and is there still a risk of European de-industrialisation/carbon leakage?
- With rising carbon costs, what are the implications for prices within Europe?
- Who are the potential winners and losers from the implementation of CBAM?

Louis Bolton

Senior Analyst

Charles Jans

Vice President, Consulting
12.45 - 13.20

Exporting Carbon Prices via Cables: Impact of CBAM on Electricity Trading

- What are the peculiarities of electricity compared to other CBAM goods and how are other CBAM sectors affected?
- How is CBAM influencing the integration of neighboring countries with the EU electricity market?
- What are the unresolved challenges to ensuring a fair application of CBAM to imports?

Federico Barbieri

Policy Coordinator Electricity & Carbon markets, Energy Traders Europe
13.20 - 14.50

Networking lunch

14.50 - 15.20

Aligning the world to combat carbon emissions

- Looking at NBS initiatives from a global perspective
- How is India’s carbon market faring and what can we learn from their integrated governance structure for voluntary carbon markets?
- Sustainable Development Goals under different carbon mechanisms

Anubhav Dimri

Executive Director
Carbon Check (India) Private Limited
15.20 - 16.00

Financing and hedging strategies: Tools and implementation

- How industrial hedging is shifting – or is it?
- How can different financial instruments be used together to address characteristics of risks moving forward?
- Using EUAs as proxy hedge for CBAM – what to expect

Bo Qin

Lead Analyst
US and European carbon for BloombergNEF

Stefan Feuchtinger

Head of Research & Analysis, Vertis Environmental Finance

Charles Jans

Vice President, Consulting
16.00 - 16.35

Coffee break

16.35 - 16.55

The role of carbon prices vs. other drivers for industry decarbonisation

- Since CO2 prices are fluctuating over time, return on investments seem volatile and risky, what’s the way forward for energy-intensive industries?
- How can one ensure an alignment between carbon taxes, emission caps and cost of abatement to optimize the economics of oil and gas?
- Germany – Analysing the role of carbon pricing vs. other incentives.

Speakers Include:

Graham Weale

Professor for Energy Economics
Ruhr University Bochum
16.55 - 17.10

Circular biocarbon: From specialities to commodities

Speakers Include:

Lisa Schmidt

General Secretary
International Biomass Torrefaction and Carbonisation Council
17.10 - 17.30

Insights into Carbon Removal Certificate Framework (CRCF) and the EU voluntary market

- EU’S CRCF: Scaling up carbon removal activities and fighting greenwashing
- With competing CDR strategies, how is the market expected to evolve and interact?
- EU voluntary carbon market: Demand side (Green claims) and supply side (CRCF)
- How is due diligence in removal strategies being practised in a realm of varying standards with different outlooks trying to achieve the same net-zero goal?

Speakers Include:

Benjamin Munzel

Benjamin Munzel

Senior Manager, Climate Pal (ISCC)
17.30 - 17.35

Closing remarks

Nicola De Sanctis

17.35 - 19.00

Networking drinks reception

08.15 - 09.00

Women in carbon and green business networking

As it's imperative to highlight women in green business and understand how we can support each other by networking, Argus in collaboration with WIC is organizing the initiative of women in carbon and sustainable business gathering to converse about their journey and life stories about overcoming hurdles. Join us to know more about advancing in careers and working towards positions of strength.

Aisha Rodriguez

Manager, Markets & Standards, VCMI

Paulina Rakowska

Senior Originator, EDF Trading

Tina Reine

Chief Commercial Officer
Zefiro Methane Corp.

Mathilde Mignot

Group Director, Nature & Technology based Solutions
09.00 - 09.05

Chairperson's opening remarks

Nicola De Sanctis

09.05 - 09.30

Argus view on carbon markets:

- Spot market overview, supply/demand, price changes
- Current policy developments and potential effects on fundamentals
- New Argus carbon prices and future additions

Speakers Include:

Nicola De Sanctis

09.30 - 10.10

Article 6’s road to decarbonization: How effective are the market-based approaches in incentivizing emissions reduction globally?

- Article 6.4 still hasn't been fully implemented. Are we seeing agreements being put in place in line with the framework ahead of its finalisation?
- Are there agreements ahead of Article 6 finalisation? What are project developers doing on the ground to make Article 6 a reality?
- How do the carbon markets provide countries with additional tools in their mitigation efforts by linking of emission trading system under Article 6?
- Are countries developing their own crediting mechanisms in the absence of Article 6, and if so, will Article 6 still have a role to play?

Benjamin Munzel

Benjamin Munzel

Senior Manager, Climate Pal (ISCC)

Andrew Howard

Senior Director, Climate Policy and Strategy, Verra

Victoria Hatherick

Editor, Argus

Christopher Hakes

Head of Carbon Sales
10.10 - 10.55

CORSIA and ICAO: What’s new in the legislative space and how do they plan to move forward?

- What were the 2030 climate targets adopted at COP28? What are the concrete steps outlined by ICAO to facilitate financing, and transparency in government regulations and subsequently how can the development be scaled up in the deployment of cleaner aviation energies?
- CORSIA contract specifications: Who is eligible? How to purchase, what’s the future market demand looking like?
- How does CORSIA ensure credibility and what can we learn from the feedback on ESG in the aviation industry?

Paulina Rakowska

Senior Originator, EDF Trading

Adelfio Ronci

Director, Environmental Products, ICE

Nicola De Sanctis

10.55 - 11.30

Back to science: Understanding data and tools by carbon ratings agencies

- Fundamentals: What are the mechanics of assessment of quality and risk?
- Monitoring project updates: What do buyers need to consider before investing into projects?
- Comparative perspective of price and market outlook

Teresa Hartmann

Chief Ratings Officer, BeZero
11.30 - 12.00

Coffee and networking break

12.00 - 12.50

Will VCMI and IC-VCM be successful in bringing the climate action landscape together?

- Will VCMI’s rulebook ensure that the avoided emissions will balance out current emissions and how is it working closely with other initiatives?
- How are the IC-VCMs’s CCPs implemented practically and how has it fostered a high integrity market for carbon credits?

Speakers Include:

Aisha Rodriguez

Manager, Markets & Standards, VCMI

Chris Leeds

Board member, ICVCM

Nicola De Sanctis

12.50 - 13.30

How can we accelerate financing flows to high-quality NBS projects?

- How native restauration projects are aligned with the Net Zero strategy of market-leading Corporations?
- What are the market’s challenges with high quality removals. Should we create a ARR”+” or Removals”+” label?
- How does the convergence of the VCM and compliance markets create a significant opportunity for financial institutions?

Julien Neel

Head of Origination, GO2 Markets

Jérôme Beilin

Co-founder and CEO

Fabio Ferrari


Lygia Faiman

Key Account Manager
13.30 - 14.00

How to reach sustainable goals by scaling up private investment while avoiding potential pitfalls through carbon avoidance

- Why do corporates think that investments in NBS is critical?
- What kind of projects are corporates investing in now – evaluating different projects including deforestation and blue carbon
- How do corporates ensure mitigation of upfront risks in the short-term or long-term projects that they invest in?
- How can the private sector collaborate with government funding for Nature-based Solutions (NbS) to reduce emissions and collectively invest in a sustainable ecosystem?

Eva Schvartz

Carbon Markets Coordinator

Kalyani Inampudi

Independent ESG and carbon consultant
14.00 - 15.30

Networking lunch

15.30 - 16.00

Landscape of renewables: How do we navigate RECs space and what can corporates take from it?

- How are they different – offsets, GoOs, RECs?
- How will the investment of phasing-out fossil fuels vs. renewables change the climate landscape? Where are the leading markets growing?
- In what ways are the Scope 2 emissions being covered by renewable power developers and what do businesses need to know before buying them to reduce their emissions?

Francisco Grajales

Senior Environmental Commodities Trader, Vattenfall Energy Trading

Justin Colley

Manager - Electricity and Environmental Markets • GenFuels
16.00 - 16.30

A discussion on financing tools within the VCM: Mobilizing private capital to support carbon projects for climate and social impact.

- Evolution of the Voluntary Carbon Market in recent years
- What are the challenges of channelling financing towards carbon projects?
- Example of an innovative solution that has been developed to help scale financing for carbon projects

Sonia Battikh

Global Head of Carbon Offsets Trading

Justin Colley

Manager - Electricity and Environmental Markets • GenFuels
16.30 - 17.10

How are the CCUS projects faring in terms of private and public support and how can we approach them as buyers? – Status, enablers and targets

- Current policy scenario around Carbon Dioxide Removal in the European Union and the challenges faced by project developers securing government support.
- Decarbonizing strategies with the BECCS solution – understanding their development and approach.
- The emergence of biochar in Europe. What are the current trends and future developments in both policy and market fundamentals?

Ennio Prizzi

Policy Officer
Bioenergy Europe

Nicola De Sanctis


Fe Bush

BECCS Business Development Lead
17.10 - 17.15

Closing remarks

Nicola De Sanctis