Regional and specialty fertilizer prices, forecasts and analysis

Regional and specialty fertilizer prices, forecasts and analysis

Argus publishes essential regional services and reports that provide dedicated analysis of specific countries or regions. In addition, we also cover the exciting specialty fertilizers market, delivering in-depth insight into this emerging market and the benefits of entry.

Argus has nearly 40 years of experience in covering fertilizer markets, boasting unrivalled global editorial reach across the key trading hubs— meaning our editors are closer to these markets than anyone else.

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Argus Fertilizer Europe

Explore our regional services

  • ARGUS Fertilizer Africa

    Monthly service providing market information, policy changes, regulatory developments and pricing for the growing and increasingly strategically important African fertilizer market.
  • ARGUS Fertilizer Europe

    Published every two weeks, providing pricing and commentary by country, extending eastward into the former Soviet Union, while also highlighting the impact of international developments on Europe.
  • ARGUS North American Fertilizer

    Weekly coverage of North American fertilizer markets, including more than 45 price assessments and barge freight assessments to 17 river destinations.
  • ARGUS Brazil Grains and Fertilizer

    Weekly coverage and insight into Brazil’s fertilizer and grains markets with 74 key prices. Provided in English and Portuguese.
  • ARGUS Russian Fertilizer Netbacks

    Weekly coverage of the fertilizer market for the Former Soviet Union (FSU), including price assessments, industry news and analysis of supply and demand. Includes a calculation of netbacks for producers of fertilizers and sulphur in Russia and Kazakhstan.
  • ARGUS Fertilizer in Sub-Saharan Africa

    Prepared in collaboration with the International Fertilizer Development Centre (IFDC), the Argus Fertilizers in Sub-Saharan Africa report delivers essential insight and data on key fertilizer markets and logistics in this exciting region.

Explore our specialty fertilizers reports

  • ARGUS Water Soluble Fertilizers

    Detailed coverage of this profitable, fast-growing sector, including insight into key producers, global capacities, demand and distribution.
  • ARGUS Specialty Fertilizers

    Gain insight on the different sectors of the specialty fertilizers market, the key products in each sector, and the major players and their strategies.
  • ARGUS Micronutrients — the Key to Growth

    Discover the outlook for different micronutrients, demand growth and the economics of incorporation.
  • ARGUS Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizers

    Argus’ extensive new strategy report on enhanced efficiency fertilizers (EEFs) is essential reading to understand and assess options in a high-value, complex and rapidly developing sector of the fertilizer market.

Explore our regional and specialty fertilizer supplements

  • ARGUS Water-Soluble Fertilizer Supplement

    Monthly report on the fast-growing and profitable water soluble fertilizers market, serving as a supplement to subscribers of our Argus NPKs price reporting service
  • ARGUS Fertilizer and Agriculture Asia

    Quarterly report covering policy changes, environmental impacts, supply-side developments and factors influencing demand for the Asian fertilizer and agriculture sectors

Complimentary content

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  • Production and trade flow maps

    Access valuable, visual data on production capacities, trade flows and more for selected regions and countries.
  • Webinars

    Benefit from key insight and analysis from our market experts as they present the Argus view of current market trends and outlooks.
  • Podcasts and blog posts

    Discover the Argus view on current and interesting trends through our easy-to-digest podcast episodes and blog posts.
  • White papers

    Learn more about key market issues and trends with Argus white papers, incorporating market data and analysis from our services.
  • News

    Read a selection of the latest news articles from our global editorial team.

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