Biofuels Bespoke Consulting

Biofuels Bespoke Consulting

Market challenges

We asked market participants from across the biofuels industry about the challenges they face, and the key findings included:

  • By 2025 public opinion of biofuels will be far less favourable
  • North American refiners feel that renewable diesel will be the fastest growing biofuel in the next decade
  • 46% of participants think that there won't be enough biofuels produced to meet the REDII mandates
  • Blenders and consumers are the least likely to benefit from REDII
  • Uncertainty around the US RFS is scaring investors …toward state LCFS programs
  • 60% of respondents believe that E10 gasoline will be introduced in most EU member states by 2030
  • Only 20% of the market think that EVs will undermine the case for biofuels
  • Will Canada launch a nation-side LCFS program that requires even more biofuels?

Whatever challenges you face, an Argus Consulting bespoke project will provide you with the deep insight you need to make informed decision with confidence.

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Global biofuels project experience

Biofuels project map

Case studies

  • Due diligence on HVO plant investment

    With an extensive retail network and facing increasing mandates for biofuels blending, this international integrated energy company planned to invest in a new HVO plant in Europe.
  • Feasibility of national biofuels targets

    The government of a non-EU country wished to explore the feasibility of setting national biofuels blending targets more closely aligned with new EU mandates.
  • Market potential study for waste based methanol

    A consortium of world leading companies sought to build a renewable methanol production plant using non-recyclable mixed waste as feedstock.

Our capabilities

Our extensive proprietary database gives us a unique view on price levels, trends, correlations, cyclicality and regional differentials. This enables us to provide you with unique insight into the effect that new production volumes could have on market prices, or the feasibility of an investment strategy.

We track production and consumption trends worldwide and combine the data with fundamentals modelling to provide medium and long-range forecasts for future supply-demand balances, import requirements, volume placement opportunities and analysis of the impact of changing market dynamics.

Our analysts continually monitor and update our view of production cost curves for refining facilities, petrochemicals plants, mines, biomass and many other production modes. This gives us detailed insight into fixed and variable costs for existing and potential sites, enabling us to perform benchmarking and local and global market competitiveness analysis, as well as more accurate price and marginal plant forecasting.

Whether it’s by pipeline, rail, truck or sea, our analysts track the routes, costs, constraints and challenges of moving commodities. Our familiarity with the market means we factor in variables such as bottlenecks into our delivery cost analysis, enabling a more accurate financial assessment and giving us the ability to anticipate the logistical challenges facing new projects.

For each commodity market in most key regions, we have comprehensive knowledge of the main players and their market share. We outline the strengths and weaknesses of each, as well as those of the supply chain, providing critical insight into your competitiveness or that of potential partners.

Our extensive knowledge of local and global infrastructure, including capacities and constraints, ensures that we can advise you on the best and most practical logistical options for getting commodities to target markets effectively.

As a price reporting agency, we gather information daily and are able to draw informed insight from vast resources of industry-specific data. Our teams are deeply embedded in their markets, bringing important local insight to the global picture. By combining our data with our people, we can offer you the most relevant expertise for your bespoke projects.

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