The Argus Americas Biofuels Forward Curves service provides price transparency for companies involved in the biofuels markets, which is an evolving market as the international community focuses on climate change and reducing carbon emissions. Argus forward curves are created from unbiased, industry-specific methodologies with undistorted, fair market values. Argus Americas Biofuels Forward Curves provides deep market insights and data that will support precision in your risk management and benefit your bottom line.

Key features

Daily assessments

More than 25 biofuel markets across the Americas covered including; UCO, renewable diesel, RVO, biodiesel, ethanol and other key biofuels.

RINS coverage

A minimum of 24 months of forward prices; RINs prices by obligation year, a minimum of 2 years forward.



Time-stamped at 2:30 p.m. New York time, in alignment with Argus’ physical settlement price assessments.

Block pricing

Monthly, quarterly, and calendar block pricing (fixed price and midpoints provided).

Robust methodology

Independent and transparent market-appropriate methodology.

Delivery options

Receive our forward curve data via data feed, third-party channel partners, our client portal or via email.

Customers that benefit

The Argus Biofuels Forward Curves service is essential for anyone with exposure to the biofuels market. Below are some examples of how some clients use this service:
  • Risk managers

    Use our forward curves data for unbiased, third-party curve validation against counterparties, internal valuations, and for mark-to-market purposes for daily profit and loss assessments.
  • Traders, market analysts, and trade analysts

    Rely on our extensive historical analysis to determine locational and temporal spread relationships and use prior-day curves daily as a reference when entering the market, the following morning.