Does a cap fit?

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Matt Drinkwater, manager for gas and power analysis, speaks to Argus colleagues Natasha Fielding, editor, gas, and Justin Colley, editor, electricity, about the policy interventions that EU lawmakers are considering and the volatility in the gas and power markets.

Extremely high gas and power prices since the spring have prompted EU lawmakers to generate some radical ideas for policy intervention, to shield citizens from sky-high utility bills. The proposals will be refined in the coming months, just as Europe enters what many fear may be the most difficult winter in recent memory. In this podcast, we consider these policy ideas and discuss how the winter might play out, which may end up defining the shape of Europe’s gas and power markets for years to come.

  • What has happened in Europe’s gas and power markets since early October, when EU policy intervention proposals first circulated?
  • What are the biggest issues involved with some of the proposals on the table, in which price caps feature heavily?
  • How might the landscape of Europe’s gas and power markets look at the end of winter, when some of the proposals might have made their way through the legislative process?

Listen to world leading natural gas and power markets experts – Does a cap fit?  

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