Falando de Mercado (Market Talks) podcast series

Falando de Mercado (Market Talks) podcast series

This podcast series offers you exclusive analysis and insight presented by Argus’ leading industry experts in Portuguese, so you can understand key trends and events shaping the global market landscape and their impacts in Brazil and Latin America. Some episodes are also available in English. Each episode focuses on a regional outlook for a different sector, from road fuels to grains and fertilizers, including LPG, jet fuel, biofuels and livestock, among others.

Argus podcast episodes are available on a variety of podcast platforms as well as the Argus Blog, where each episode can be streamed and is provided with a full transcript and related links.

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Argus podcast series

Falando de Mercado (Market Talks) episodes

28 septiembre 2023

Market Talks: Mixed trend for nitrogen-based fertilizers in Southern Cone

Nitrogen fertilizer market activity is poised to continue reduced in Argentina, where farmers may switch corn acreage to soybeans, as soybeans' cost of production is lower than corn. Ammonium sulphate purchases are expected to intensify in October in Paraguay to supply ...


Agriculture Fertilizantes Portuguese Latin America and Caribbean

06 abril 2023

Market Talks: The prospects for the second year of the natural gas market in Brazil

The Brazilian natural gas market completed one year since its liberalization.


Latin America and Caribbean Precios Claves Gas natural/GNL Portuguese

16 febrero 2023

Market Talks: Opportunities for Brazil at the pulses market

The growing market for pulses is in line with the higher demand for vegetable proteins in the world. Brazil has always been a large pulse producer, as it already met a heavy domestic demand.


Agriculture Latin America and Caribbean Portuguese English

26 enero 2023

Market Talks: Brazil to start 2023 with mixed fertilizer trends

Brazil's historically high inventories and weak demand are set to maintain nitrogen and potash purchases slow in early 2023, while negotiations for soybeans 2023-24 move phosphates market.


Fertilizantes English Latin America and Caribbean

04 enero 2023

Market Talks: Corn production to set record in the 2022-23 season

Brazil’s 2022-23 corn harvest might set a record high, and market participants expect exports to grow this year.


Agriculture Fertilizantes Latin America and Caribbean English

28 diciembre 2022

Falando de Mercado: O segundo ano da abertura do mercado de gás natural no Brasil

O mercado de gás natural enfrentou vários desafios durante seu primeiro ano de abertura, com pressões internas e externas afetando preços e motivando alguns consumidores a postergarem sua migração para o mercado livre. Essa situação criou novos desafios e possibilidades...


Latin America and Caribbean Gas natural/GNL Portuguese

15 diciembre 2022

Market Talks: Brazil’s fertilizer carry-over may be the highest since 2013

Brazilian fertilizer imports, especially of MAP, MOP and ammonium sulphate, jumped in the first half of 2022, because of concerns about global supplies. Importers slowed the pace in the second half of the year, faced with low liquidity in the domestic market.


Fertilizantes Latin America and Caribbean Portuguese

10 noviembre 2022

Falando de mercado: O Brasil no mercado de químicos de pinus

Químicos de pinus, ou pine chemicals, são produtos químicos derivados das árvores de pinus ou pinheiros. O Brasil desempenha um papel relevante neste mercado mundial.


Portuguese Petroquímicos Latin America and Caribbean

20 octubre 2022

Market talks: Brazil is set to reach a record cotton output in the 2022-23 crop year

Higher international prices have motivated Brazilian farmers to expand cotton acreage in the 2022-23 season, which could lead the country to a record in cotton lint production. But higher input costs have decreased fertilizer usage for cotton crops.


Fertilizantes Agriculture Latin America and Caribbean Portuguese

29 septiembre 2022

Market Talks: Brazil to reduce ferts imports despite elections

Brazil's leading presidential candidates promise to reduce the country's fertilizer import dependency, but may differ on how to reach the goal.


Fertilizantes Latin America and Caribbean Portuguese
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