ARGUS Americas Asphalt

The Argus Americas Asphalt service is your reliable weekly source on the latest developments in the asphalt market and includes a dynamic perspective on the North and Latin American markets.

Our commitment to the asphalt market dates back to 1998, and we continue to push ahead in providing the industry with a reliable basis for contract indexation and facilitating the analysis of long-term market trends.

This weekly market service includes a series of metrics that help users to understand the relative profitability of asphalt. Whether you are planning your next pick-up, your next sale or your next multi-million-dollar cargo, the Argus Americas Asphalt service can help you to make informed business decisions.

Markets covered

  • Barge and rail prices at the US Gulf, US Atlantic coast, US midcontinent and Rocky Mountain regions
  • Roofing flux rail prices in the US Gulf coast and US midcontinent
  • Rack prices at key locations across the US and Canada
  • Posted asphalt prices for Latin America
  • Department of Transportation asphalt indexes for key US states

Key features

  • Asphalt pricing at every level, providing the price on the barge, on the rail and at the truck-loading rack
  • In-depth news coverage from dedicated news teams around the globe that cover every aspect of the energy sector in North and Latin America, from refinery and crude operations to major political decisions that could affect transportation funding
  • Weekly coverage of import and export trades that capture arbitrage flows by ocean-going tankers
  • Transportation costs, including routes out of Venezuela, eastern Canada, Spain and Asia-Pacific, as well as costs for shipping from the US Gulf to Chile, Brazil and Mexico
  • Rail freight along select US domestic routes
  • Economics data, including coker yield and blendstock value calculations, which provide insight into how profitable asphalt is for refiners compared with competing petroleum products, as well as heavy-light crude differentials that influence crude slates and a snapshot of weekly US asphalt stock levels
  • Precipitation and temperature forecast maps to help distributors and contractors understand how the weather could shape asphalt demand over the coming weeks

Customers that benefit

Market participants turn to the Argus Americas Asphalt service for accurate and relevant asphalt pricing and market information. Below are examples of how some clients use this service:

  • Refiners rely on Argus’ accurate and impartial indexes to provide transparency in opaque and volatile bulk markets. Argus’ prices are referenced in asphalt contracts for domestic and international trade.
  • Asphalt resellers and distributors involved in the retail segment use Argus’ rack prices as a reliable insight into buying and selling in a highly competitive market environment.
  • Traders involved in the global trade of asphalt products benefit from a credible pricing index when dealing with contracts. Argus provides up-to-date information on market-moving events that could open or shut spot arbitrage opportunities in an increasingly globalised asphalt market.
  • Concrete and cement manufacturers use Argus’ prices as a reference for competing material.
  • Highway officials look to Argus Department of Transportation prices as a quick reference for supplier prices in key locations. Argus provides up-to-date information on state and private budgets that affect highway funding.

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