Argus Hydrocarbon Resin Annual

  • 対象地域 : 世界
  • 対象品目 : C5系石油樹脂
  • 内容概要 : C5系石油樹脂市場概要の10年予測レポートおよびデータ
  • 提供頻度 : 年1回更新
  • 最新更新 : 2017年


The Argus Hydrocarbon Resin Annual report is your comprehensive 10-year history and forecast for global C5s and hydrocarbon resins.

The service gives you unbiased, independent long-term intelligence on hydrocarbon feedstock capabilities and competitive co-product materials.

Published annually, this complete market outlook explains the key drivers behind supply availability, the regional economic factors that influence supply and demand, and the importance of raw materials supplied from Asia-Pacific.



  • Understand long-term global trends: Assess the long-term trends for international hydrocarbon resins markets on a global, regional and country level.
  • Find your next big opportunity: Support business plans and investment opportunities based on expert insight.
  • Gain a strong financial perspective: Analyse company holdings and balances to better position your company in the ever-changing global hydrocarbon resins marketplace.
  • Stay ahead of your competition: Evaluate your position in the market, as well as your competitors.



  • Feedstock supplier capability
  • Global tackifier capacities, production and operating rates
  • Hydrocarbon resin sales by region
  • Review of competitive resin technologies and their effect on hydrocarbon tackifiers
  • Analysis of ethylene crackers, which provide crude C5 feedstock and monomer production (isoprene, piperylenes and DCPD)
  • Analysis of polymer markets using hot-melt adhesive formulations
  • Changes in technology, which affect monomer and polymer production for adhesive formulations
  • Access to the expert consultants behind Argus’ long-term market analysis


  • Isoprene
  • Butadiene
  • Piperylene
  • Dicyclopentadiene
  • Aromatic resin oil
  • Hydrogenated and non-hydrogenated tackifier resins
  • SIS/SBS thermoplastic elastomers
  • Natural and synthetic rubbers
  • Polyethylene and polypropylene polymers
  • Acrylates for adhesive applications



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