The Fertilizer Focus Magazine is published bi-monthly - and its free to sign up for. It features a unique blend of news, features, interviews and unique insights into all aspects of the fertilizer industry. The magazine has a well established history of covering the fertilizer market – it was first published in February 1984.

What does the magazine cover?

Fertilizer Focus covers key developments influencing fertilizer and related markets, such as production economics, technology, plant/project news and product logistics. Coverage focuses on:

  • Traditional and fertilizer commodity products: Ammonia, nitrogen, phosphates, potash, NPKs, Sulphur and sulphuric acid
  • Specialty fertilizers and related products: Micronutrients, water-solubles, enhanced efficiency fertilizers and biostimulants
  • New product developments: Including fertilizer blends, sustainable fertilizers and enhanced efficiency ingredients
  • Technology: Highlight new developments in fertilizer production technology
  • Logistics: Includes updates on port logistics and shipping
  • Features: Covering emerging markets (including clean ammonia and sustainable fertilizers), industry developments and company strategy
  • Agronomic analysis: Including insight into changes in agricultural practice impacting fertilizers


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Regular features

Commentary and news in brief

The magazine includes market commentary a summary of key news in each bi-monthly issue

Topical editorials

The magazine includes in-depth topical editorials in each bi-monthly issue

Market analysis

Each issue of the magazine covers soft and hard commodities, Shipping and trade news and a price watch section

Country/region analysis or market spotlight

Each bi-monthly issue of the magazine includes an in-depth analysis of a key country/market (for example Latin America) or a market spotlight (for example clean ammonia)

New Technology

Highlighting new developments in fertilizer production technology

New product developments

Covering topics such as fertilizer blends, sustainable fertilizers and enhanced efficiency ingredients

Customers that benefit

Fertilizer Focus is essential reading for executives and managers in a wide range of sectors, including fertilizer manufacturers and industrial users of fertilizer materials. Our subscribers include:
  • Financial institutions

  • Research organisations

  • Construction, engineering and process companies

  • Shipping, handling and storage companies

  • Raw material and intermediate suppliers

  • Fertilizer purchasing organisations, trading companies and agents

  • Fertilizer manufacturers and industrial users of fertilizer materials