Net Zero Transition: Pyrolysis - Policy and Production routes

Author Argus

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) is deploying low-carbon technology solutions around the world.

MHI-EMEA Duisburg Branch EVP Professor Dr. Emmanouil Kakaras  joins the Argus podcast to discuss the impacts of policy, CCS demand expansion, fuel NOx control/fuel choices at generators, compression, cracking and the medium-term challenge of pyrolysis to other production routes.


Net Zero Knitting Hydrogen

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23 3月 2023

Net Zero Transition: Knitting the hydrogen value chain together

Dr. Sebastian Vogel, RWE’s head of hydrogen joins the Argus podcast to discuss salt storage caverns, the GET H₂ electrolytic project, European funding and project timelines, ammonia terminals, the ongoing H₂ vector question, offtakes & US expansion.


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22 12月 2022

Net Zero Transition: Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers

Hydrogen gas is diffuse, making transportation out of pipelines impractical. This poses a particular barrier to trans-oceanic hydrogen trade, where the race is on between competing technologies, each aiming to be the ‘carrier’ of choice in the hydrogen economy.


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30 11月 2022

What were the key developments and outcomes from Cop 27?

Argus had a team of editors and reporters on the ground in Sharm El Sheikh for Cop 27 – this podcast draws on this coverage and provide a review of the key developments and outcomes from the conference.


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