Argus Russian Coal

  • 対象地域 : ロシア、旧ソ
  • 対象品目 : 石炭
  • 内容概要 : ニュース、分析、データ
  • 更新頻度 : 週1回データ更新およびマーケットサマリーをPDFにて配信
  • 提供開始 : 2006年11月




  • A transparent methodology for coal pricing and netbacks, with a detailed breakdown
  • Data on procurement tenders and transactions
  • Market analysis and latest updates on the global coal supply and demand balance
  • Exclusive news including data on port capacities and infrastructure projects
  • Historical prices and volumes from 2007


  • Russian and global coal markets
  • Coal transportation market


  • Spot price assessments for Russian coal on a fob Baltic Sea, fob Vostochny, fob Black Sea and cif Marmara basis
  • Netbacks on the key routes for export shipments, including transshipment rates at Russian ports and railway transportation costs
  • Freight rates for bulk carriers used to ship coal to key export destinations
  • Overviews of the global coal market
  • Planned and actual railway shipments of coal exports to far eastern, Baltic, Black Sea and Sea of Azov ports, as well as to land border crossings
  • Coal export volumes, including transshipment at ports
  • Statistical data on coal mining in Russia and Kazakhstan, analytical reviews and news
  • Regular reports on port terminals used for export shipments of Russian coal


  • ロシア炭の鉄道輸出量
  • ロシア炭の海上輸出量
  • ロシア炭のラトビア経由輸出量
  • ロシア炭のウクライナ経由輸出量
  • 港別国内流通量
  • ロシア炭の月間平均価格 Fob Baltic, Fob Yuzhny, Fob Vostochny

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