Argus Biofuels Europe Conference & Exhibition

London, UK
15-17 October 2024
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Petroineos is a refining and energy trading joint venture between PetroChina International London (PCIL) and INEOS Group. Formed in 2011, we are a young and ambitious company with a dynamic approach to business and a strong drive for sustainable growth. As a joint venture, we have a special relationship with PCIL’s parent company group, PetroChina – one of the largest oil and gas companies in the world, and the refining and petrochemical group, INEOS. Our highly experienced teams trade a comprehensive range of energy products, supported by a network of professional teams across the globe, enabling our customers to benefit from our ability to leverage our shareholders’ global network. Trading is carried out by three divisions: crude, refined products, and power & emissions. Our annual trading volume exceeds 70 million tonnes with trading revenue in excess of $30 billion. Our strategically located refineries at Grangemouth, Scotland, and Lavera, France represent some of Europe’s longest standing crude oil refineries. Our refineries supply fuel to local as well as international markets, whilst playing a vital role in supporting their local economies. Between them our two refineries process over 420,000 barrels of crude oil per day and produce more than 19 million tonnes of oil products each year.

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Air Liquide

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STX Group

STX Group is a leading global environmental commodity trader and climate solutions provider. For over 25 years, STX teams have continued to be at the forefront of the global transition towards a low-carbon economy. Leveraging our long-standing expertise in accurately pricing pollution and emissions, it helps cultivate trust in market-based solutions to the decarbonized economy.

Through STX Group’s trading and corporate climate solutions offerings, capital flows to thousands of projects that make the world a greener place, while providing corporations with the certified proof-points of their contributions to environmental progress.

Headquartered in Amsterdam with offices in 13 countries worldwide, STX’s global team, inclusive of Vertis and Strive, comprises of over 500 employees of more than 60 nationalities.

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EcoCeres is a world-leading biofuel and bioproducts platform, with over a decade of experience in biomass utilization. Founded with a mission to address the challenges of climate change, by reconnecting humanity with the wonders of nature, EcoCeres has earned a reputation as a global innovator in the conversion of waste-based biomass into biofuels, biochemicals, and biomaterials. As an ISCC-certified decarbonization solution provider, the company stably produces industrial-scale sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and hydro-treated vegetable oil (HVO) through its proprietary processes.

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EcoEngineers has been in the carbon business since 2009. They support their clients with understanding and monetizing their carbon reduction goals and opportunities. They provide the essential building blocks of a clean energy economy through training, Regulatory Engagement, carbon Life-Cycle Analysis, Asset Development Consulting, Compliance Management, and Audit services.

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NEXTCHEM is the MAIRE’s company dedicated to Sustainable Technology Solutions. Thanks to the extensive know-how of nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon capture, fuels, chemicals and polymers, we offer innovative solutions and processes to fully enable the energy transition.

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Port of Amsterdam

Leading player in renewable energy By 2025, the port of Amsterdam wants to be a leading European seaport, leading the transition to a sustainable society. In order to remain an energy port in the future, we are looking for new cargo flows and ways to generate sustainable energy. The port is accelerating the production of renewable energy products, such as biofuels and biochemicals. Excellent connections The port of Amsterdam has a well-equipped sea-entrance and excellent hinterland connections by water, rail, road and underground pipelines. This, together with the unique location within the world’s largest international energy hub ARA (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerp), makes the port of Amsterdam an ideal location for biofuels. BioPark BioPark is thé development location for producers of renewable fuels in the port of Amsterdam. BioPark, 20 hectares in size, has a good infrastructure, a deep sea quay and terminals within easy reach for the storage and transport of feedstock and products.

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The global leader in traceability and sustainability management, Veriflux is the only U.S. EPA-funded platform designed for end-to-end traceability, circularity and bio optionality™. To-date, Veriflux has traced renewable products from over 350 companies in more than 20 countries, and is processing over 1.2 million unique transactions annually. The company recently announced the launch of Veriflux360, which adds to its comprehensive suite of products that enable companies to flexibly operate in and around global bio markets.

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