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  • 対象地域 : 世界 
  • 対象品目 : LNGおよび天然ガス 
  • 内容概要 : 価格インデックス、市況解説、関連ニュース、他 
  • 更新頻度 : 毎営業日データ更新およびマーケットサマリーを配信
  • 提供開始 : 2011年1月    




  • Northeast Asia des (ANEA): Japan, South Korea and Taiwan
  • Northeast Asian LNG forward swaps assessments
  • Southeast Asian des (ASEA): Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia
  • China des
  • India des
  • Atlantic basin fob
  • Trinidad and Tobago fob
  • Northwest Europe des
  • Iberian Peninsula des
  • Iberian Peninsula reload fob
  • Italy des
  • Turkey des
  • Greece des
  • West Africa fob (AWAF): Angola, Nigeria and Equatorial Guinea
  • Australia fob: North West Shelf, Pluto and Darwin
  • Middle East fob (Europe-bound)
  • Middle East fob (Asia-bound)
  • Middle East-India (MEI) Index
  • Australia Wallumbilla gas month-ahead (AWX)
  • Australia Victoria gas month-ahead (AVX)
  • Gladstone oil-indexed fob
  • Gladstone spot fob
  • Latin America: Brazil des; Argentina des; Altamira, Mexico des; Manzanillo, Mexico des and Chile des


  • Spot cargo supply and demand
  • Key shipping movements
  • Forward pricing
  • Crude price snapshots
  • Gas-oil comparisons



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