Global LPG Conversations: Developments in the Chinese LPG market and the impact of changing COVID measures

Author Argus

In this edition of Global LPG conversations, LPG specialist Celia Chen from Argus’ Shanghai office talks to Argus vice-president LPG, David Appleton

They discuss the latest developments to round out a challenging year in Chinese Petrochemicals and offers some views on what to expect as China moves away from its zero-COVID strategy.

Learn more in-depth analysis on the Chinese market in the Argus LPG viewpoint:
China's LPG term volumes fall on uncertainty -
Term contracted volumes by Chinese buyers are expected to fall in 2023, which will likely give rise to increased spot activity during the year

Learn more about the LPG markets in the latest Argus webinar:
Global LPG Markets and Prices: Moving to 2023 (

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