Market Talks: Brazil unrolls its new biodiesel market model

Author Argus

Brazil’s switch from a tender system to a free-market biodiesel model was far from easy, with its lot of last-minute changes and surprises.

Join Camila Dias, Argus Brazil Bureau Chief, and Amance Boutin, Argus Brazil Motor Fuels Editor, as they comment on the most recent developments and what lies ahead for Brazilian biodiesel producers and fuel retailers.

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Podcast episode is in Portuguese.

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25 11月 2021

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Since October, we have witnessed increased interest in diesel imports to the south and southeast of Brazil, even with prices at a premium to the product being sold by Petrobras at its refineries.


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Market Talks: The last public biodiesel auction and the race to the open market

Join Camila Dias, Argus Brazil Bureau Chief, and Alexandre Melo, Argus Brazil Motor Fuels reporter, who discuss the last public auction for biodiesel and how distributors are changing their strategies to buy biodiesel amid the market opening expected in January, 2022.


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Market Talks: The opening of the Brazilian biodiesel market

Brazilian biodiesel market is facing a transition period as auctions are expected to end by January 2022.


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