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  • 対象地域 : 北米 
  • 対象品目 : 天然ガス 
  • 内容概要 : 価格インデックス、市況解説、関連ニュース、他 
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  • 提供開始 : 2009年10月 




The natural gas network in North America is increasingly interconnected. Changing supply and demand patterns mean that traders can access gas far from their customers, and transport it reliably and cheaply on an ever-expanding pipeline network. The amount of gas traded varies each day and each month at the 100-plus hubs indexed by Argus.

The indexes are based on gas delivered at hubs, zones, specific interconnects (receipt or delivery points) or other well-defined regions of a pipeline system and the gas grid. Some hubs are major ones with high interchange capacities and are major connections for the flow of gas from producers or to distribution companies. Other hubs are meant to reflect market values on a limited segment of an interstate pipeline system or a distributor citygate.

Certain hubs have been in place for decades, but other infrastructure was added recently with the expansion of shale plays and quickly went into high utilisation. A few of the newer hubs are among the most commonly traded locations in North America.

A few important hubs are listed below. A complete description of all markets covered by Argus is available here in our methodology.

  • Appalachia: Dominion South Point, TETCO M-2 Receipts
  • Northeast: Algonquin Citygates, Transco zone 6 NY
  • Louisiana/Southeast: Henry Hub, Transco zone 4
  • East Texas: Houston Ship Channel (all), Katy hub
  • South Texas: NGPL South Texas zone, TGP zone 0 South
  • Midcontinent: ANR Oklahoma, Panhandle Oklahoma Mainline
  • Upper Midwest: Chicago citygates, REX zone 3
  • Rockies: Opal, PGE Citygates
  • Canada: Dawn, Ontario; NIT/AECO
  • Southwest: SoCal Gas Co, Waha


  • Identify what is moving the market and the short-dated outlook
  • Verify fundamentals that are driving physical gas futures markets
  • Learn where gas is constrained from moving in the east, Gulf coast, midcontinent, west and at citygate locations throughout the country
  • Understand how gas storage inventories drive the forward price curve



  • East 23地点
  • Gulf Coast 33地点
  • Midcontinent 18地点
  • Rockies 13地点
  • West 17地点





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