Argus Marine Fuels

  • 対象地域 : 世界
  • 対象品目 : バンカー燃料
  • 内容概要 : 価格インデックス、市況解説、関連ニュース、他
  • 更新頻度 : 毎営業日データ更新およびマーケットサマリーをPDFにて配信
  • 提供開始 : 2013年1月  





  • Asia-Pacific
  • Europe
  • Russia
  • North America
  • South America
  • Africa
  • Mideast Gulf


  • Clear, transparent methodology developed with the industry
  • High-sulphur IFO380 and IFO180 prices
  • MGO prices
  • RMK 500 cst assessments in Rotterdam and Seattle
  • ECA-compliant 0.1pc sulphur bunker prices
  • LNG vs MGO price comparison in northwest Europe and the US Gulf
  • Residual fuel oil wholesale cargo prices
  • Global market-moving news daily




  • Hong Kong
  • Qingdao
  • Shanghai


  • Russian far east
  • South Korea
  • Singapore
  • Sydney
  • Tokyo

Mideast Gulf and Indian Ocean

  • Fujairah
  • Khor Fakkan
  • Mumbai



  • Canary Island
  • Cape Town
  • Durban


  • Murmansk
  • Novorossiysk
  • St. Petersburg


  • Algeciras
  • Antwerp
  • Genoa
  • Gibraltar
  • Hamburg
  • Istanbul
  • Malta
  • Piraeus
  • Rotterdam
  • Trieste


Atlantic Coast

  • Halifax
  • Montreal
  • New York
  • Philadelphia

Gulf Coast

  • Houston
  • New Orleans

West Coast

  • Los Angeles
  • Portland
  • San Francisco
  • Seattle
  • Vancouver


Atlantic Coast

  • Buenos Aires
  • Montevideo


  • Cartagena
  • Panama canal

Pacific Coast

  • El Callao
  • Guayaquil
  • Libertad
  • Quintero / Valparaiso
  • San Antonio



  • Bahia Blanca
  • Paranagua
  • Rio de Janerio
  • Santos
  • Salvador
  • Suape
  • Tubarao
  • Vitoria


  • Venezuelan ports

Interactive market intelligence

Customers that benefit

The Argus Marine Fuels service provides unique market data and intelligent analysis of the increasingly complex marine fuels market. Below are examples of how some clients use this service:

  • Shipowners and charterers can track the price of various bunker fuels to aid decision-making processes.
  • Marine fuel blenders and resellers can track the price of various bunker fuels to make the best decisions about their products and strategy.
  • Marine fuel traders and brokers can rely on our data throughout the trade, from pre-trade analysis to settlement prices for term delivery.
  • Analysts that need to stay on top of key market developments find our service an invaluable source of information.
  • Financial institutions use Argus data and insights to value deals and construct sensible financial products.

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