Argus Fertilizer Europe Conference

Athens, Greece
22-24 October 2024
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Association Of Fertilisers Enterprises and Industries, A.F.E.I / Καλώς ήρθατε στον Σύνδεσμο Επιχειρήσεων και Βιομηχανιών Λιπασμάτων ΣΕΒΛ.

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Hellenic Fertilizers Association

Hellenic Fertilizers’ Association (also known with the greek akronym S.P.E.L) is a nonprofit organization, founded in 1995 and based in Athens, Greece. The Association represents the manufacture and trade companies that are active in the sector of fertilizers and plant nutrients. S.P.E.L. comprises 72 members. Our member companies represent all activities related to the production, trade, transport and distribution of all types of fertilizers, complying with the requirements of National, European and International laws.
Hellenic Fertilizers’ Association devotes its attention to the promotion of the efficient, rational and sustainable use of plant nutrients-fertilizers for plant growth. We are also organizing campaigns, events, workshops, meetings and training courses regarding fertilizer needs and prospects in Greek agriculture, the role of fertilizers in production and in food quality, as well as guidelines of the best agricultural practices. Thanks to our members’ support and engagement, the Hellenic Fertilizers’ Association plays an effective role in Greek agriculture and holds a strong position as the spokesperson for the fertilizer industry. Thus, the association is committed to assist the fertilizer industry with innovative research and crop nutrition programs, while advocating sustainability, stewardship, safety and security.

Fertilizer Focus

First published in February 1984, Fertilizer Focus is the world's leading bi-monthly magazine serving the international fertilizer industry. It covers the key developments influencing fertilizer and related markets, such as production economics, technology, plant and project news, and product logistics. Coverage includes traditional commodity products and the increasingly influential specialty or value-added fertilizer market segments.

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