ARGUS Brazil Motor Fuels (ARGUS Brasil Combustíveis)

The Argus Brazil Motor Fuels service, formerly Argus Ethanol Brazil, is a unique daily report published in Portuguese that provides price coverage, commentary, news and analysis about the Brazilian diesel, gasoline, ethanol and biodiesel markets.

The Brazilian fuel market has been going through significant change over the past few years. After a period of controlled prices from state-owned Petrobras, which holds almost the entire refining capacity in the country, unable to fully meet the domestic demand, the Brazilian market has opened up to imports in 2016. Our price assessments for imported diesel and gasoline in Brazil on a dap basis are the only price reference based purely on reported transactions, following the oil regulator ANP’s specs.

Brazil is the world’s second-largest ethanol producer and consumer and its market has become more sophisticated and complex over the years. Argus ethanol price assessments for Brazil’s center-south and northeast regions are the most transparent and reliable pricing tool currently available for contract indexation, market analysis and risk management. They are developed in conjunction with industry participants to reflect real trading behaviour.


Markets covered

  • Imported diesel traded in the southeast, south, north and northeast of Brazil
  • Imported gasoline traded in the southeast, south, north and northeast of Brazil
  • Custom-cleared 10ppm diesel traded in the terminals of Santos and Paranagua
  • Anhydrous and hydrous ethanol traded in the center-south and northeast of Brazil
  • Biodiesel feedstocks (soybean oil, beef tallow and methanol) and by-products (glycerine) traded in Brazil

Key features

  • Gasoline and diesel DAP prices
  • 10ppm diesel FCA truck prices
  • Vessel line-ups for gasoline, diesel and ethanol imports and exports
  • Import parity prices for diesel
  • Petrobras ex-refinery national average prices versus imported cargoes
  • Petrobras gasoline and diesel wholesale prices traded from 37 distribution hubs across the country
  • Market analysis and commentary on gasoline and diesel
  • In-depth coverage of the Brazilian ethanol market, including domestic, imports and exports prices
  • Brazil’s official fundamentals data and statistics
  • Biodiesel feedstocks and by-products prices
  • Exclusive news

Every Monday, Argus publishes ethanol prices for the northeast region, the second-most important producing area in the country.

  • Weekly dap Suape price assessments for hydrous and anhydrous ethanol
  • Bi-weekly price assessments for hydrous and anhydrous ethanol on a dap Fortaleza and dap Sao Francisco do Conde basis
  • Seasonal bi-weekly price assessments for hydrous and anhydrous ethanol on a PVU Pernambuco, PVU Paraiba and PVU Alagoas basis
  • Road freight rates and price differentials (21 routes)
  • Arbitrage economics between the US and this key consumer market

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, we publish vessel line-ups and exclusive market analysis:

  • Vessels line-ups detailing when and where clean fuels cargoes will be delivered to Brazil’s main ports, including their origin/destination, volumes and quality specifications, published weekly, with daily updates on Argus Direct.
  • Market analysis on gasoline, diesel and ethanol domestic markets, including spot transactions, market trends and fundamentals.

Every Friday, we publish an expanded report containing the following data and analysis:

  • Exclusive price assessments for gasoline and diesel delivered to Brazil, based on transactions reported to Argus on a delivered at place basis
  • Exclusive price assessments for 10ppm diesel sold on a FCA truck basis at the port terminals of Santos and Paranagua
  • Petrobras ex-refinery national average prices versus imported cargoes
  • Imported product prices versus fob origin prices (USGC and ARA)
  • Gasoline and diesel trade flows, market and price analyses and delivered prices for Itaqui, Suape, Santos and Paranagua ports
  • Price assessments for hydrous and anhydrous ethanol in the center-south region
  • Spread between anhydrous and hydrous ethanol in the domestic market
  • Comparison between spot and contract anhydrous ethanol prices
  • Road freight rates and price differentials (31 routes)
  • Overview of high-low prices and traded volumes in 11 producing hubs in the center-south region
  • Exclusive coverage of the Minas Gerais market, with a production map of micro regions, prices and traded volumes, as well as trusted price assessments for cif Betim and cif Uberaba
  • Biodiesel feedstocks prices including soybean oil, methanol and beef tallow, as well as by-products such as glycerine

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