Argus has the most comprehensive coverage of any price reporting agency (PRA) in Latin America, giving exporters and importers more visibility and transparency into the region. Combining our international expertise with our local presence, Argus produces exclusive prices and market intelligence, being the only PRA to publish gasoline and diesel delivered prices in Brazil based on actual transactions. 

The Argus Brazil Motor Fuels report offers, in addition to gasoline and diesel, daily coverage of ethanol, biodiesel, decarbonization credits (Cbios) and renewable feedstocks, all in Portuguese. It also brings price indicators, news, market analysis and supply and demand data. In addition, the report features the industry leading daily price of Paulínia multimodal hydrated ethanol, obtained from actual deals done, without freight standardization, taking into account all modes of transport and origins. This report is published daily in Portuguese, with an English-language supplement published every Monday. 

Brazil is one of the world’s leading importers of diesel. Argus prices reflect the constant changes in global trade dynamics and include both Russian and non-Russian products, which are monitored exclusively by Argus. 


Key features


Key daily and weekly prices

Exclusive assessments for gasoline and diesel delivered to Brazil with trusted price references for imported and domestic conventional road fuels and biofuels


Hydrous and anhydrous ethanol

Full coverage of the ethanol market with the industry’s most reliable daily price of hydrated ethanol traded at the Paulínia distribution hub


Truck transportation prices

Coverage of the main routes to transport motor fuels by truck from plants and refineries to terminals and a comprehensive database with pricing information for more than 500 routes


Market-moving news

Access the latest marking-moving news published by our expert team of on-the-ground market reports to ensure you stay on top of the fuel markets as they develop


Valuable data and analysis

Get context to today’s prices with a range of extensive data and analysis from price comparisons, to arbitrage economics, to road freight rates, to vessel line-ups, and trade volumes


Unrivalled methodology

We report the markets the way they trade, rather than imposing a one-size-fits-all methodology

Customers that benefit

Market participant with exposure to or interest in the Brazilian fuel market:
  • Fuel distributors

    Use coverage to identify new business opportunities, contract pricing, performance balancing and internal price transfer.

  • Crude oil refineries

    Use pricing and market intelligence as a benchmark for new business and strategic decisions.

  • Biofuel producers

    Track key market trends for strategic decision making and contract pricing.

  • Traders

    Involved in fuel trading use price indicators to identify new business opportunities, contract pricing and performance balancing.
  • Tankers

    Use indicators for analysis production and pricing modeling.

  • Banks

    Demand pricing and analytics to drive financing offerings for industry companies.

  • Investment funds

    Use information for opportunity analysis and due diligence of new investments in the Brazilian fuels sector.

Key price assessments

Argus prices are recognised by the market as trusted and reliable indicators of the real market value. Explore some of our most widely used and relevant price assessments.