Weight of Freight: The “King’s” carriage: Can tanker owners break the cycle of low rates

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We welcome a special guest from Teekay Tankers in this next instalment of the Weight of Freight podcast series.

The dirty tanker market has been severely depressed for over a year now. Shipowners are struggling with low earnings, uncertainty in demand and looming decarbonization goals. Can they break the status quo in the market where “cargo is king”? 

In this episode of Weight of Freight, Mikkel Seidelin, Director, Chartering & Freight Trading at Teekay Tankers joins Argus’ Head of Freight Alex Younevitch to discuss how tanker owners can make money in a weak market, the challenges of fleet supply and decarbonization and other topics.   


Argus Freight
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Mikkel Seidel
Alex Younevitch, Global Head of Freight, Argus Media
Mikkel Seidelin
Director, Chartering & Freight Trading
Teekay Tankers
Alex Younevitch
Global Head of Freight
Argus Media


The Weight of Freight

In this series, our global team of experts explore the intricate and powerful connections between the shipping and commodities markets. Access the latest thought leadership and industry insight on the rapidly evolving freight markets.

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