At whichever part of the energy and commodities supply chain you operate in, having access to trusted forward prices is essential to manage your risk exposure. No matter which region, market or specific price you require, we provide forward curve data free from distortion or bias to support your risk management, market valuation and investment decisions.

Argus forward curves are part of our data science portfolio. We uniquely pair our proprietary deals-done and price database with decades of market knowledge and constant market interaction to customise the algorithms we use. Our forward curve data is an assessment of market value for forward contracts and financial swaps contracts at predetermined time periods such as months, quarters and calendar years.

Built from transparent, industry-specific methodologies that produce representative market values free from distortion, Argus forward Curves ensure you can act with confidence.

Key features


Daily assessments

Our forward curves data is delivered daily, providing monthly, quarterly and yearly granularity of forward prices.


Complete market coverage

Regional and global pricing for key energy and commodity markets across the globe.


Basis for differentials

Futures, swaps, grades and locations, we provide all basis differentials relevant to each curve.



As an independent Price Reporting Agency we have no vested interest in the markets we serve.


Robust methodology

Publicly available, independent and transparent market-appropriate methodologies are used for all of our forward curves.


Delivery options

Receive our forward curve data via data feed, third-party channel partners, our client portal or via email.

What are forward curves?

Forward contracts allow for physical delivery of the product, and financial swaps settle against a published index.

A forward curve is a locus of points relating the forward price to the associated delivery date displayed in chronological order. Each forward price represents a value that was transacted at, or could be transacted at, in the present with a delivery taking place at a future date.

Forward curve prices are not forecasts of future values, but instead are assessments of the price of delivery of a commodity at a future date if transacted today.

Forward Curves via the Argus Data Science Studio

The Argus Data Science Studio makes forward curves more powerful than ever before.

Through our sophisticated algorithms, comprehensive data and robust methodologies, you can build and calculate your own curves, unique to your business.

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